NEW RELEASE! LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED vol 10 by HM Ward! The final book in the series is here!

Muscular bodyRead the highly emotional conclusion to Peter’s back story.


Money. Power. Sex.

Some people enter your life for a reason, and Pete Ferro has changed mine forever. I’ve known since I met him we were fated. I can’t say how I know, but I can feel it. Our destinies entwined the night of the rave–a union no contract can sever and so much stronger than a ring.


Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes
Length: Approx. 130 pgs



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“Her cliffhanger and teaser endings pale in comparison to the way I felt after finishing Life Before Damaged 10. It’s beautiful, creative and downright epic.” – Deborah

“Thank you Holly Ward for such a heartfelt story” – Kristi

“This one really moved me. This is a must read!” – S.M. Stryker

Need more Pete Ferro in your life? Check out this hot teaser trailer!

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Pre-order your copy of BROKEN PROMISES today!

brokenpromisesPre-order your copy now and have Trystan delivered to your e-reader on release day.

A Trystan Scott novel by New York Times bestselling author H.M. Ward that takes place in her Sexy Ferro World

BROKEN PROMISES is the follow up novel to The Secret Life of Trystan Scott series. It’s 3 years later and Trystan’s life has changed. The Secret Life series is how Trystan became a rockstar, the novel is what happens after his rise to fame, and his brush with the Ferro family.

Type: Novel
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance


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Pre-Order Now! Life Before Damaged, vol 10 by HM Ward

Muscular bodyTHE FINAL VOLUME in the LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED series is available for pre-order NOW! Don’t miss it! 

Releases November 2nd


Money. Power. Sex.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes
Length: Approx. 130 pgs


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“I absolutely love the fact that we get this story of Peter before Sidney.”
- Miranda Book

“This has been my favorite series so far by HM Ward.”
- Lynn White

“I love this series because Pete and Gina have more sexual tension than Hershey’s has chocolate kisses.”
- Cheryl

WANT MORE PETE FERRO? Check out this hot video! *drool*  

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SCANDALOUS is 99¢ Today Only

This book is a steamy read. It’s one of the sultriest things I’ve written. The premise for the novel was based on a missed kiss – what would happen if you missed the kiss with your soul mate? Tah-dah! You get a sexy story, lots of paint, and tons of tension.

There’s a promo going on today too. This book is on sale for only 99¢ today. Regular price is $4.99. If you want a romantic read, go grab it! The sale is only for today.



“5 huge sinfully scandalous stars! Beautifully erotic. I cannot recommend it enough.” -Tessamari
“This might be the sexiest book I have ever read! Sooooo freaking sexy!” -Leslie
“Steamy, sexy read… One of my favorite couples.” -Faithima

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10 Completed Series by HM Ward


Does she ever finish a series?!” That sentiment, or something like it, has been popping up more and more lately.  I’d like to say Psh, to that. Psht! As if! Over the course of two short years I have started and finished the series below.

That’s NINE NOVELS, just for the series below, that were written and completed in 2 years. Plus the novellas!

THIS blog and my facebook page are the only places to get real answers about things. Authors aren’t allowed to comment on the Kindle forums, so please know that I’m not ignoring you when you ask questions. Come over to the FB page and any thing you ask will be answered pretty quick.

Here is a list of completed series.

COMPLETED SERIES: (9 NOVELS + the novellas written since 2011)

  1. DAMAGED (novel, 340pgs, cliffhanger, 1 of 2 book series)
  2. DAMAGED 2 (novel, 325 pgs, no cliffhanger, 2 of 2 book series)
  3. SCANDALOUS (novel, 324 pgs no cliffhanger, was originally a stand alone)
  4. SCANDALOUS 2 (novel, 338 pgs, no cliffhanger, was added b/c of fan demand)
  5. SECRETS 1-5 (serials, cliff hangers, ea vol is ~20K-35K words or 130-190 pgs ea at trade paperback size)
  6. CHRISTMAS KISSES (stand alone novella – 132 pgs)
  7. A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE (stand alone novella – 96 pgs)
  8. DEMON KISSED 1-5 (novels, length: 242-496 pgs each, 5 novel series, cliffhangers)
  9. STONE PRISON (novella, 78pgs, stand alone)
  10. THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT 1-5 (serials, cliffhangers, approx 130 trade paperback pages ea)
  11. THE WEDDING CONTRACT (stand alone novel, Ferro world – 306 pgs)
  12. SECOND CHANCES (stand alone novel, 316 pgs)

Many readers will enjoy a book, and go looking for another by the same author while waiting for the next release in the first series they picked up.  I often have a couple of active series going at a time, which can make it feel like everything that’s picked up leaves the readers waiting for something more.  That’s why I try to indicate completed series in the listings. Having multiple active series lets me continue writing while ideas still develop for another title. A traditional author may spend a year thinking and writing on a book. Instead of leaving that as dead time, I use it to write another book.

I know there are people who like to read series ONLY after everything is released, and that is wonderful. That is also the reason why the listings indicate if the book is part of a series, and how many there are. e.g. STRIPPED is 1 of 2.

As a general rule of thumb, H.M. Ward romance novels have 2 books per series, and 5 books per serial unless otherwise stated.

The exception to the rule is THE ARRANGEMENT. It does not have a firm number of books in the series because it is fan driven. That means the fans are dictating what happens to the story line (e.g. Should I leave in the dark sex scene in book 5?, Should Avery and Marty’s relationship change?, Should Sean propose?, What should happen to Mel?, etc.) Every decision the fans make alters the story and adds to it.

For people who like to know how many books the series will have, I can’t tell you yet. I do know that it’s winding down, but that’s all I know. It depends on what the fans ask for at this point. I strongly suggest NOT reading this series if you hate cliffhangers. The Arrangement series is the only series that I have that’s like this. It’s sold over a million copies and has at least half a million fans who LOVE the story and are dying for more.

Another common question is about release dates. Novels typically have a firm release dates, while serials do not. Why is that? It’s so that the serials get into your hands faster. If I set a publication date, I have to stall the release for as long as several weeks, which would suck. So I don’t do that. I release serials as soon as they’re finished, which is generally every 3-4 weeks.

On average, I’ve released a new book every 2.5 weeks this year.

RELEASE INFO! Last Monday A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE was released. This upcoming Monday THE PROPOSITION 1 will come out. The following Monday will be THE ARRANGEMENT 12. Then, I’ll drop.

That’ll be 45 books written and published in 2 years.

Follow this link to read more about THE ARRANGEMENT series and fan driven serials.


Updated on July 20th, 2014. Total book count over 55 at this time.

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A Fan For Life – Plus a Turkey in a Pink Bra

Below is a letter from a fan. I am always so grateful every time one of you takes a second to write me. I read all of them and it’s beyond awesome because:

One life touches another, offering hope, laughter, and joy.

My books have done that for you guys and your letters do the same thing for me. Life is hard, and it’s awesome to find so many friends out there.

I know I sound like a dork, but it’s been a truly amazing experience and to share your lives is just wow. Anyway, I thought I’d share this fan note with you guys. And yes, the she’s the proud owner of the Turkey Vulture in the Pink Bra. :)

Thank you so much.


“Dear Ms. Ward,

I am used to reading paranormal and fantasy novels, but I had recently given into social pressure (and curiosity) and was introduced to the romance/erotica genre via the 50 Shades and Crossfire series. I had my doubts but I realized that I actually liked some of what I was reading (although the quality of the writing in 50 Shades leaves a lot to be desired, but that is another topic of discussion!).

This past June, I was looking to load up my Kobo with a bunch of new books for my summer reading. We were going a little road trip with the kids and I wanted a little something to keep me busy while the hubby was driving and the boys were arguing in the backseat. Having seen Damaged on Kobo’s top 50 best seller list for a while and with Damaged 2 in the top 10 not long after it’s release, I figured to give them a try. Besides, they were inexpensive and the description caught my attention.

I started reading Damaged without any particular expectations besides light entertainment (I mean, how serious can you take a book with a half naked gorgeous dude plastered on the cover right?). Let me just say that my husband got REALLY annoyed with me, because I basically ignored him throughout the entire road trip! What a surprise!!! I would stop breathing whenever things would get intense between Sydney and Peter, I would break out in a huge grin during their comical banter, I even laughed out loud during the squirrel and turkey scenes!

There are certain things I particularly enjoyed while reading Damaged 1 & 2:

- Contrary to some romance / erotica books out there at the moment, it was not overloaded with sex. I realized that the power of anticipation is so much stronger!!! This series was so much hotter than some more descriptive stuff I’ve read.

- You put a lot of emphasis on storyline and description than in sex and dialog. Sex and dialog are good in a book, but you need context to make it great and you that so well!!!

- THE DANCING!!! I danced for 15 years and miss it tremendously. When the dancing started in the first book, I was hooked! What a fun and interesting spin on the story! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT! In fact, you inspired me so much, that I’ve signed up for swing classes this fall… I have been talking about starting up dancing again for the past 5 years but never actually did it. This book convinced me to go back!

- Sydney is a strong, SMART and funny female character! I hate being inside the head of a stupid, weak and wishy-washy character (Anna in 50 Shades, Abby in Beautiful Disaster).

- The devil is in the details: even the secondary characters are great! I laughed during the “abs of steel” scene in the dorm room. Everything seemed so real. You make the reader feel like they are there in the room with them. Every little detail makes an enormous difference in the reading experience.

After having read Damaged 1 & 2 twice, I bought all The Arrangement books that were out at the time (1-8). I had emotions flying all over the place. I had so much trouble getting through number 4 because I was crying so much. Reading through tears in not easy. You make Avery’s emotions so accessible to the reader, we feel her pain and sorrow along with her. Again, this can only happen when the author takes the time to describe the character’s emotional journey in great detail.

Since I enjoyed Damaged and Arrangement, I bought Secrets, Scandalous and Trystan Scott. I enjoy your writing style and it is interesting to see the evolution of your writing. Once I had read them all, I got curious and checked the order in which you wrote them and, not surprisingly, my order of appreciation of your works go along with the order of release dates. You get better and better with every book!!!

Your newest books are my favorite (especially the Ferro books) but there is not a single one of your books mentioned above that I didn’t like.I love your female characters. They are all women that I can admire: strong willed, smart, funny, true to their beliefs.

I am officially a fan for life!

Thank you so much for your time and creativity. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

Melanie-Anne B.
Quebec, Canada


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SCANDALOUS 1 & 2 On Sale For 99¢ Limited Time!

SCANDALOUS 1 & 2 are on sale for only 99¢ for a limited time!

Recently released, this sequel to the sensational New York Times bestseller Scandalousfollows Abby as she fights to protect her man, her love, and everything she holds dear when a sinister group targets Jack.


*Sequel to NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY Bestseller*

Abby never thought she’d find her soul mate, but she has and it’s changed her life forever. Jack is everything she needs and more. There’s a connection between the two of them that transcends logic and rational thought. It’s like they were made for each other. Nothing can keep them apart.

After the honeymoon ends, Jack has the most important show of his career. The centerpiece is the scandal painting of Abby. It’s Jack’s defining piece, the start of a new era. But when Jack and Abby return home, something isn’t right. Jack becomes distant as his deepest fears manifest before his eyes.

Jack has been verbally attacked for his art in the past. It’s no secret; but what Abby doesn’t realize is that a hate group has also targeted him. They hold Jack personally responsible for the moral decay in society. Not only is this corruption seen in Jack’s art, but also in his life and love. Seducing Abby made Jack a prime target.

It isn’t enough to ruin Jack’s career—these activists want to end his life.

Everything hinges on Abby and she’ll do anything to protect the man she loves.

And if you missed out on reading the first book, go grab it! Both novels are on sale for 99¢ for a limited time.

Each novel also has a paperback. Scandalous 2 is 339 pages. Both books are adult romance, not recommended for younger readers.






Thank you so much to everyone who loved this series! You guys rock! Happy reading!

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COVER REVEAL! RIPTIDE (The Secret Life of Trystan Scott #3) by H.M. Ward

Cover reveal for THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT #3! The title is RIPTIDE and here is the cover. Ooooooh!  Aaaaaaah!

I LOVE writing about Trystan and Mari. There’s just something about them that makes them seem super-real to me. This series is YA Romance. Do you like YA Romance? If you liked the relationship with Collin and Ivy in DEMON KISSED, the answer is yes.  This is like that with all the tension, times 100. It’s like YA Romance crack, super addicting.

A lot of people are asking me how many books there are going to be in this series, and my honest answer is that I have no clue. I have a clear story line in my head, and the volumes will progress until I reach that point.  I am working to make sure each volume is also out in mass paperback as well.  The paperbacks for the 1st two are already up on Amazon and are available worldwide.

If you haven’t read these yet, go grab them!



RIPTIDE: THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT #3 will be released in Nov. 2012. Want to get a reminder via email so you don’t miss it? Text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 or click here. Hope you had a great weekend!

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Cover Reveal: SECRETS 2 Gets a New Cover and Description

Okay, so some of you might be like why are you redoing the covers and descriptions? In short, because they sucked. These books are sexy. They are packed with lots of sexual tension, steamy kisses, and witty banter, with a feisty heroine and a to-die-for-hottie hero. The new covers and descriptions are a better reflection of the smoldering content.

Here is the new cover for SECRETS 2. Ooooh! Aaaah!

New description: “Sexy thoughts about Cole fill Anna’s dreams. Every detail burns brightly in her mind; the way his hands feel on her bare skin, the soft brush of his lips against hers, and the way their bodies fit perfectly together. Anna awakes breathless, tingling as if it really happened. What caused her to think about Cole like that? It was completely forbidden.

And Anna didn’t feel that way about him, at least she didn’t think she did. Cole was fun to flirt with, that’s all, and the sexual tension between them was normal, right? Everyone has that from time to time with some super-hot guy. It made sense. Her mind was just telling her that she needs a boyfriend.

But what if Cole’s the right guy? What if he’s right there and Anna lets him slip through her fingers? Cole’s more than she bargained for, with enough sex appeal to make Anna realize everything she’s been missing.”

You can purchase SECRETS 2 at these retailers:


SECRETS 3 will also get a face lift and description make-over shortly. If you haven’t read these yet, give the 1st book a try. SECRETS series books are about 100 pages on a Kindle, or about 250 pages mass paperback, so you can try it and see what you think without investing a ton of time. I’m a time snob. I want to try new stuff, but am hesitant to jump into a 700 page book from a new author. This series is a great way to get your feet wet and see if we jive.  Fans have also told me that these are perfect for traveling, the gym, etc. because of the length.

After the cover is redone for Volume 3, then it’s onto the cover reveal for SECRETS 4. I might have to post a teaser, too.The tentative release date for Vol 4 is November 20, 2012, so right before Thanksgiving.

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Cover Reveal! SECRETS Gets a New Cover

SECRETS series by Ella Steele gotta new cover! While I liked the original artistic cover, this one reflects the tone of the book much better. It’s sexy, steamy, and I LOVE the colors!  The other two books will get a face lift before the release of SECRETS Vol. 4, which will be released in late November.

There’s a new description too: “Sex is supposed to be sexy, tantalizing, and completely erotic, but Anna never seems to find the right guy. This one seems to be a germ-a-phobe, and the previous boyfriend wasn’t much better. Anna just wants to be wanted. Is that too much to ask?

As Anna tries to wiggle out of one relationship, a new one surfaces, but it’s forbidden. Cole Stevens is twice her age, arrogant, rich, sexy as hell, and her boss. When Anna’s internship plans derail, she ends up interning at Cole’s elite New York City studio. Close proximity leads Anna to discover that the billionaire bachelor is emotionally scarred. Everyone has secrets, but Cole’s run deeper, cutting him to his core. Cole is trouble in a sexy shell. He’s nothing Anna needs and everything she wants.”

SECRETS is on sale now at these retailers:


You may have noticed that I ditched the pen name on this title. I’m thinking about putting everything under one name. Its easier to find my books that way. I’ll just make sure the genre is noted. And if you haven’t read mature YA/ New Adult romances, try them. They move fast like YA books, but have the steam and older characters found in adult romances. Have a great weekend!

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