10 Completed Series by HM Ward


Does she ever finish a series?!” That sentiment, or something like it, has been popping up more and more lately.  I’d like to say Psh, to that. Psht! As if! Over the course of two short years I have started and finished the series below.

That’s NINE NOVELS, just for the series below, that were written and completed in 2 years. Plus the novellas!

THIS blog and my facebook page are the only places to get real answers about things. Authors aren’t allowed to comment on the Kindle forums, so please know that I’m not ignoring you when you ask questions. Come over to the FB page and any thing you ask will be answered pretty quick.

Here is a list of completed series.

COMPLETED SERIES: (9 NOVELS + the novellas written since 2011)

  1. DAMAGED (novel, 340pgs, cliffhanger, 1 of 2 book series)
  2. DAMAGED 2 (novel, 325 pgs, no cliffhanger, 2 of 2 book series)
  3. SCANDALOUS (novel, 324 pgs no cliffhanger, was originally a stand alone)
  4. SCANDALOUS 2 (novel, 338 pgs, no cliffhanger, was added b/c of fan demand)
  5. SECRETS 1-5 (serials, cliff hangers, ea vol is ~20K-35K words or 130-190 pgs ea at trade paperback size)
  6. CHRISTMAS KISSES (stand alone novella – 132 pgs)
  7. A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE (stand alone novella – 96 pgs)
  8. DEMON KISSED 1-5 (novels, length: 242-496 pgs each, 5 novel series, cliffhangers)
  9. STONE PRISON (novella, 78pgs, stand alone)
  10. THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT 1-5 (serials, cliffhangers, approx 130 trade paperback pages ea)
  11. THE WEDDING CONTRACT (stand alone novel, Ferro world – 306 pgs)
  12. SECOND CHANCES (stand alone novel, 316 pgs)

Many readers will enjoy a book, and go looking for another by the same author while waiting for the next release in the first series they picked up.  I often have a couple of active series going at a time, which can make it feel like everything that’s picked up leaves the readers waiting for something more.  That’s why I try to indicate completed series in the listings. Having multiple active series lets me continue writing while ideas still develop for another title. A traditional author may spend a year thinking and writing on a book. Instead of leaving that as dead time, I use it to write another book.

I know there are people who like to read series ONLY after everything is released, and that is wonderful. That is also the reason why the listings indicate if the book is part of a series, and how many there are. e.g. STRIPPED is 1 of 2.

As a general rule of thumb, H.M. Ward romance novels have 2 books per series, and 5 books per serial unless otherwise stated.

The exception to the rule is THE ARRANGEMENT. It does not have a firm number of books in the series because it is fan driven. That means the fans are dictating what happens to the story line (e.g. Should I leave in the dark sex scene in book 5?, Should Avery and Marty’s relationship change?, Should Sean propose?, What should happen to Mel?, etc.) Every decision the fans make alters the story and adds to it.

For people who like to know how many books the series will have, I can’t tell you yet. I do know that it’s winding down, but that’s all I know. It depends on what the fans ask for at this point. I strongly suggest NOT reading this series if you hate cliffhangers. The Arrangement series is the only series that I have that’s like this. It’s sold over a million copies and has at least half a million fans who LOVE the story and are dying for more.

Another common question is about release dates. Novels typically have a firm release dates, while serials do not. Why is that? It’s so that the serials get into your hands faster. If I set a publication date, I have to stall the release for as long as several weeks, which would suck. So I don’t do that. I release serials as soon as they’re finished, which is generally every 3-4 weeks.

On average, I’ve released a new book every 2.5 weeks this year.

RELEASE INFO! Last Monday A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE was released. This upcoming Monday THE PROPOSITION 1 will come out. The following Monday will be THE ARRANGEMENT 12. Then, I’ll drop.

That’ll be 45 books written and published in 2 years.

Follow this link to read more about THE ARRANGEMENT series and fan driven serials.


Updated on July 20th, 2014. Total book count over 55 at this time.

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22 thoughts on “10 Completed Series by HM Ward

  1. I think the way you do it is terrific! It got me to read everything you have written and I have truly enjoyed all of it! I have just reread the Demon kissed series and truly hope you continue that one! Your books are so fun and keep one hanging on the edge and absolutely falling in love with the characters and the worlds you create! Cant wait for the next Bane book either! The arrangement without a doubt rival 50 shades! Your creative talented and I hope you keep it up forever! A big fan! Sharon

  2. When is the final of the secret life of Trystan Scott book will be out
    Can wait to find out about they love life and if it last after all there

    Thank you

    • The follow up novel? BROKEN PROMISES will be out this winter. :) The backstory – THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT is complete.

  3. I love all your books and I do like how you have more than one book at a time like the Arrangement, Trystan Scott, etc. Its nice to have something to look forward to, and the Christmas ones I love, I hope there is one every year!!!

  4. I have recently started reading again, mostly due to my son being almost 5 yrs old and can do a lot more by himself. I bought a kobo in June of this year and started to find your books coming up on my recommended lists. I have to say thank you! You are such a gifted writer! I love love love your books and I think I have down loaded almost all of them. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  5. I love your books you are amazing I have read all your books that you have released :) I’m happy that you are still writing and have to say what a way to finish the arrangement 11 love the cliffhanger.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I’m new to your work and read a lot of it with in a couple for days, it is that GOOD, so it helps new readers understand the format. I love your series and can’t wait for Arrangement 12 to come out! While I agree it is a little frustrating waiting for the next book, you have plenty of series going to keep readers busy and at least we don’t have to wait as long for the next installment to come out!

  7. I am a huge fan. I have read all of your books except the Demon Kissed Books.
    I love The Arrangement serial. But I have to be honest with you I did comment on the number of books in the serial, because I did not understand how it worked. And I read so quickly, that I cant wait for the next book to drop and I get frustrated. But now that you have explained it, I will make comments on how I would like the story to roll on. Cant wait for Arrangement 12 to drop. PLEASE give Sean and Avery a happy ending they deserve it.
    And I am ready to read Stripped 2!!!!!
    Thank You again and keep up the good work.

  8. I have read Stripped, Damaged, Scandalous, Secrets, The Secret Life of Trystan Scott, Christmas Kisses , A Little Christmas Romance and The Arrangement and have loved every minute of everyone. I only wish that they could not ever stop any of the stories. I enjoy reading them so much that I with they all went on forever.

  9. So true I started with Demon Kissed and kept following you. Now i’m a full fledged H M Ward junkie !!! :-) Trying to patiently wait for each Arrangement vol,
    #2 Stripped , Proposition , Secrets & Lies _________ and on and on . :-D

  10. One of the best authors ive come across. You make me laugh, cry, scream from joy . You involve all my emotions in all the books you write. Keep up your excellent work because you give us mothers that little escape from our daily lives to live through your characters. I thank you with all my heart.

  11. Thanks holly, you just gave me my amazon wish list! I’m a newby to your books, I’ve read all the arrangements, secrets & scandalous & have just started secret life of tristan. Love everything! Hope you’re feeling better & had a good thanksgiving. Thank that lovely husband of yours for the updates while you were ill- I’m sure he had better things to do! Much love from the uk. :-)

  12. Holly I have read everything you have written. Love the on going story’s the cliffhangers and how you are dedicated to your reader’s. Not sure what prompted this post from you but please don’t change anything. Most of the time I had to wait 6 months or more from other authors to release any book weather it was in the series I was reading or a single that is how I went looking for Someone New to read and I found you. You kep it exciting and I don’t have o wait for long to get it.

  13. I came across damaged first and so Peter is my favorite. I wish there was a third book to wrap up their story a little neater for me.

  14. Pffff! Oh, those pesky haters! It’s like those who rate a book with 1 star before the book (or the ARC) even comes out just out of spite! You’re doing a great job Holly. You’re books touch so many people. The raves greatly outnumber the rants. Keep up with what you’re doing & how you’re doing it, especially if it makes you happy!


  15. I absolutely love all of your books especially the arrangement series, keep up the amazing work I cant wait to keep reading what you put out. don’t worry about the people that don’t understand your methods of writing. your doing great!!!

  16. I wish there was atleast a box set that we could buy all the books at once rather than buying them one at a time. I love all of these books and have read all the Ferro brothers books and will continue to read them as they are released. However, $2.99 for a book that is just over 100 pages is a bit steep. I am almost $40 in for the Arrangement series and it only took me two days to read all of the books. I would even rather pay more to have more pages at once…

    I am also a small business owner so I understand that it is not easy to be your own boss and it is about keeping food on the table and a roof over my head, but I also don’t ever want my customers to feel like I am ripping them off… Just a thought. Please don’t beat me up too much. :-)

    • Page per page, the cost is about the same as other books out there. There’s an entire post on it over here: http://blog.demonkissed.com/?p=1090 The books DO go on sale periodically. Most people don’t realize how big this series is. FYI – ARRANGEMENT is the ONLY fan driven series I have. The rest have a set number of books per series. FYI, I’m trying an omnibus with SECRETS right now. ;)