SCANDALOUS is 99¢ Today Only

This book is a steamy read. It’s one of the sultriest things I’ve written. The premise for the novel was based on a missed kiss – what would happen if you missed the kiss with your soul mate? Tah-dah! You get a sexy story, lots of paint, and tons of tension.

There’s a promo going on today too. This book is on sale for only 99¢ today. Regular price is $4.99. If you want a romantic read, go grab it! The sale is only for today.



“5 huge sinfully scandalous stars! Beautifully erotic. I cannot recommend it enough.” -Tessamari
“This might be the sexiest book I have ever read! Sooooo freaking sexy!” -Leslie
“Steamy, sexy read… One of my favorite couples.” -Faithima

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SECRETS VOL 1 is 99 Cents Today Only!

SECRETS VOL 1 is only 99¢ today on Kindle!

SECRETS is a sexy, fast paced story about college student Anna Lamore and famed photographer Cole Stevens.

Description: Volume 1 in the Secrets Serials by NY Times Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

Sex is supposed to be sexy, tantalizing, and completely erotic, but Anna never seems to find the right guy. This one seems to be a germ-a-phobe, and the previous boyfriend wasn’t much better. Anna just wants to be wanted. Is that too much to ask?
As Anna tries to wiggle out of one relationship, a new one surfaces, but it’s forbidden. Cole Stevens is twice her age, arrogant, rich, sexy as hell, and her boss.  When Anna’s internship plans derail, she ends up interning at Cole’s elite New York City studio. Close proximity leads Anna to discover that the billionaire bachelor is emotionally scarred. Everyone has secrets, but Cole’s run deeper, cutting him to his core. Cole is trouble in a sexy shell. He’s nothing Anna needs and everything she wants.

Genre: New Adult Romance
The entire Secrets series (Volume 1-5) is on sale now.

Dudes, I’m going to do an entire post on serials, but in case you don’t know the diff b/t a novel and a serial, here’s the drive-by version: A novel is a long story that you can settle into, typically over 50K words or 250 pages. The story has a single climax and usually unfolds like a bell curve. A serial is a story that unfolds over multiple volumes, by design. Its’ shorter (this book is about 32K words or 125 pages), each one has it’s own climax, it’s cram-packed with emotion, and it ends with a cliffhanger.

The entire SECRETS series is out, so you don’t have to wait for the next volume. Score! Pick it up and see why this series is so popular.

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