H.M. Ward in the Press:

“The best-selling Kindle Direct Publishing author during the (2013) holiday season was H.M. Ward.” -Amazon

“The best-selling independent book, published via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and CreateSpace, is Damaged by H.M. Ward” -Amazon

Damaged was the #14 on the bestselling kindle books of 2013. -Amazon

H.M. in FORBES in an article about self-publishing -Forbes

DAMAGED hits #1 on Digital Book World. -DBW


The Washington Post prior to her release of Demon Kissed, her debut novel, in an article on children’s literature.

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6 thoughts on “Press

  1. Hi Holly!
    Just want to say I’m a HUGE fan! So far I’ve read :
    The Arrangement 1-12
    The Secret Life of Tryston Scott 1-5
    Damaged 1&2
    Scandalous 1&2
    The Proposition1&2
    And both Christmas stories!
    I don’t know how to get put on the permanent ARC list but I would LOVE to be on it. I don’t have a problem buying your books, I just want to read them before someone else has a chance and gives the story away. Being an amateur photographer, I get what you’re saying about copyrights! So, please consider me for an ARC slot. I would never abuse the privilege!!!!
    Thanks for your time and I hope this finds you healthy and writing!!!!
    Take care and have a great day!

  2. I have also read every Ferro that has been released. I will check my emails starting after midnight the next day so I can get be one of the first to read it

  3. Holly i just wanted you to know that i think you are great ….I really enjoy everything you have wrote iam very addicted i have purchased every book that you have released …….i think you do awesome at keeping us updated and you will answer any crazy question that is asked…you just really know how to make all of your fans feel special….thank you

  4. I started reading the arrangement on a Thursday and I haven’t been able to do anything but read. When I was at work at everybreak and lunch I would read more it’s like I couldnt enough. I final finished the first 14 books and im looking forward to the 15th arrangement book. Also cant wait to get started on the other books about the Ferro family.

  5. I have read all your ferro books, love them can’t get enough.. also loved trystan scott.. cant wait for the final book.. Wedding Contract was great.. Kepp up all your hard work.

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