Valefar Vol. 2 (A Paranormal Romance Novella: Collin Smith #2 in the Demon Kissed Series) is waiting for you!

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VALEFAR VOL. 2 (A Paranormal Romance Novella: Collin Smith #2 in the Demon Kissed Series) by H.M. Ward was released!

As many of you already realize, the Demon Kissed series is broken up into three parts.  Part 1 is Ivy’s story (Demon Kissed books #1-5) and a great place to start, but there are two other entry points into this series.

Eric’s story is told in Fall of the Golden Valefar (yet to be released).  Chronologically, Eric’s stories take place after the last Ivy Taylor book, in a post-apocalyptic world.  This is another entry point into the series.  You can read Eric’s stories alone, or read it in conjunction with the others, which will give them a lot more depth.  Fall of the Golden Valefar Book #1 will be released April 30, 2012.

Collin’s story is told in the Valefar Volumes and takes place about a year prior to Demon Kissed #1 (Ivy’s 1st book).  The Valefar Volumes reveal more twists and turns, and a lot more back story about the inner workings of the Valefar, and lots more of Collin!  This is another entry point into the series.  Valefar Volumes can stand alone, or add more depth to the rest of the series.  All three of the major characters are woven in and out of Valefar.  If you read Demon Kissed first, you can see what’s happening and it creates even more tension that makes reading these little books extra enjoyable.  Valefar Volumes are also a lot lighter, like the first Demon Kissed books, which younger readers will enjoy.

Feeling confused?  Think of it this way: The Valefar Volumes are to Demon Kissed what Episode 1 is to Star Wars.  Get it?  They stand alone, but the stories are woven together.

Valefar Vol. 2 description:

“The dangerous and beautiful Collin Smith just made the biggest mistake of his life, and there is no way to fix it. In his quest to restore his soul, he destroyed the only person he truly cared about, Ivy Taylor. Collin tries to deny his love for her, but his desire to protect Ivy drives him to do things Valefar shouldn’t do. If Collin exposes his weakness—his affection for Ivy—he endangers them both and risks the wrath of Kreturus.”

The VALEFAR volumes are meant to read in one sitting, and generally takes about an hour. VALEFAR VOL. 2 is a YA Paranormal Romance and has 13,223 words (90 pages). VALEFAR VOL. 3 will be released Summer 2012.

Grab Valefar Vol. 2 now on Amazon!  Nook and paperback to follow!

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Something New: Choose Your Own Survival Story-Zombie Apocalypse!

choose your own adventure zombie, zombie book, funny zombie, ya zombieWell, you’ve probably heard that Valefar Vol. 1 is back up on Barnes & Noble.  I’m sure you already know Valefar Vol. 2 will be out on April 1st and features the hot and dangerous Collin Smith before he and Ivy were a couple.  The die-hard fans already realize that the Demon Kissed series is split into 3 parts, each according to character: Collin in Valefar, Ivy in Demon Kissed, and Eric in Fall of the Golden Valefar.  You might even know that all three of these series are stand-alone or can be read together for a freaking awesome, deep plot.

But, I bet you didn’t have any clue what my next big surprise is.  BANE, book #1 in Vampire Apocalypse series?  The book that’s about Kahli being the last wild human?  Nope, that’s later this summer, and I already told you about that!  Guess again.

Did you say, “Zombies”?  Did you say a different kind of e-book?  Then you’re right!

The new book I’m working on is a choose-your-own-survival-story. The first book in this new series is during a zombie apocalypse. You are the character in the story, and you are given choices to make as the story progresses. Examples are like which weapon to use or where to run. Making the correct choice will lengthen your story, and choosing wrong will lead to zombies snacking on your brains. It’s a twisting story that has the humor of my old blog posts (tape, bunny, kitty, check!). So it’s paranormal, a little dark, and a smidgen funny.

The temporary title is HOW WILL YOU SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE? (A CHOOSE YOUR OWN SURVIVAL STORY—Book #1). This will be released in ebook format only and can be read on kindle, nook, or your PC.  The cover reveal will be soon!

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KDP Select Free Promo Days/ Bounce Theory & The Magic Beans of Marketing

kindle select, kdp select, kdp bounce theory, promo days kdp, free days kdp dataThose of you who have known me for a while probablly noticed that one of my cardinal marketing concepts is free does not work.  Giving things away for free diminishes their value, because people get stuck on the fact that it was free, and won’t cross over to actually paying for your product.  The concept “once free, always free” holds true in all things that aren’t of an addicting nature.  This goes with my studio, artwork, or books.

General rule of thumb: Free is bad.

Enter KDP Select and their 5 days free promo.  I remember getting the email while I was sitting, eating lunch at Disney World last December.  I thought it was an interesting concept, but free doesn’t work.  As a marketing person, I know this.  But I’m still staring at it wondering if it can be used as a tool.

As for the lending library, I thought that sounded like a wonderful idea, as a Kindle owner and as an author.  There were two major downsides for me:

  1. I’d get paid less for the title that was enrolled.
  2. I’d lose revenue from Barnes&Noble on that title.

So, I didn’t rush to sign up all my titles.  In fact, I waited a month to hear what the first wave of Guinea Pigs had to say.  This is what they said about the lending: The 99centers were doing the happy dance.  They got paid about $1.70 per lend and their books were given visability by appearing in the people who bought this also bought scrolling marquee on Amazon’s listing pages.  That alone is major, but my books already had those.  My rankings have gotten into the coveted overall bestsellers list, appearing in the top 300 paid books on kindle, and held many #1 slots in different categories.

As I tried to find more info about KDP Select, all the chatter was about the free days, and a theory emerged from all these reports.  It’s being called “bounce.”  To understand bounce you need to understand how the bestseller lists on Amazon work.  Here’s a drive-by version.

First of all the paid bestseller list and the free bestseller list on Amazon are two different lists.  And then there are more category lists, and then there is the popularity list.  The pop list has nothing to do with sales.  The popularity list is driven primarily by the free promos and the lends.  So it’s directly anchored to titles enrolled in KDP Select.  The popularity list is big and eye catchy, and most people don’t even realize they are on it. Research has shown that this list is important.

magic beans of marketing, kdp select, self publishing marketing promosThis is where the bounce theory comes in.  What is it?  In short, it’s the afterglow that your book has had after its scandlous free exposure via the promo days is over.  Due to the fact that your book was free, the theory states that the book’s rank rises on the free list – and the popularity list – and that when the promo is over, your book is still sitting pretty on the popularity list before it falls back to its regular ranking.  This is the bounce–the afterglow period before your book comes back down.  It’s supposed to get more paid sales during this time.

The first time I tried the promo day and offered the VALEFAR title for free, it was for 24 hours only.  I plugged it the way I normally do on my facebook page, twitter, and blog.  As a result, it climbed to around 2,000 (which was slightly worse than the ranking achieved when the title was first released) and following the promo period, the ranking/ sales quickly sunk like a stone.  There was no bounce.  The rank and sales were smashed, dropping about 20,000 lower than it was prior to the promo.  It took about 60 days to recover to it’s previous sales rank.

Which brings me back to where I am now.  I’m testing the bounce theory and giving it a better chance.  The theory says the higher you rise on the free bestseller list, the better the bounce after the promo is over.  Maybe I didn’t bounce my book hard enough last time.  So, let’s try again.  I still think that free is bad, and my expectation is that KDP Select isn’t for me.  I’m skeptical.  I’m not a believer, but I’m giving it a try and will report my findings here.

To ensure that I get the best results, I am going to drive the free purchases as high as possible, ideally into the top 100.  If you want to help me test my KDP Select theory,  spread the word.  If we get a hard bounce, and the book hits the top 100 and then sinks like a stone, you guys will know it was a waste of time and money.

Here are the OPERATION BOUNCE breakdowns so far:

Prior to promo free days: I promoted the free days for about 5 days prior on facebook, twitter, and submitted the info to Pixel of Ink and other kindle bargain sites.  The sales rank prior to the promo was ~30K.  When I announced the free days, the rank dropped to 75K as people stopped buying in expectation of getting it for free.  Starting at 10am on the day of the promo, I facebooked, tweeted, and spread the word that today’s the day of the free promo, drawing attention to it.  I also submitted to Indie Book List, Bargain ebook Hunter, and The Frugal Reader.  I didn’t do this last time, not to this extent.

My hourly book stats for Valefar:

  • March 24th (9:00am) Rank 27,874 (Tweeted to #kindle #free, posted on FB, blog, and email)
  • March 24th (10:00am) Rank 1,200
  • March 24th (12:30pm) Rank 1,300
  • March 24th (3:15pm): Rank 1,188 (148 free books have been claimed so far)
  • March 24th (4:28pm) Rank 877 (haven’t done anything else or noticed any new sources picking it up)
  • March 24th (7:31pm) Rank 832 (was retweeted a one time)
  • March 24th (9:26pm) Rank 804
  • March 24th (10:31pm) Rank 780 (last check for tonight. noticed uk store rank is at 1,009.  Been retweeted 3x.  Nothing majorly major.  Expecting the rank to rise overnight, since that’s what it usually does with paid sales).
  • March 25th (9:10am) Rank 783
  • March 25th (2:39pm) Rank 917 (Tweets, RTs, and posting again now)
  • March 25th (6:18pm) Rank 1,094
  • March 25th (9:23pm) Rank 1,215 (RTs, Tweets, & FB)
  • March 26 (9:20am) Rank 987 (Haven’t done anything since yesterday)
  • March 26 (3:01pm) Rank 1,144 (several RTs)
  • March 26 (6:52pm) Rank 1,248
  • March 26 (10:38pm) Rank 1,128
  • March27 (8:46am) Rank 1,073
  • March 27 (noon-3pm) Rank unknown: Sales page down (Site error said that item could not be purchased in the US)
  • March 27 (5:21pm) Rank: 1,121
  • More TBA

My expected findings are this:

  • Any bounce achieved is minimal and does not warrant the cost of the promotion (lost sales).  Results: NO BOUNCE RECORDED
  • Would-be buyers got the book for free, instead of buying it, and the writer’s fan base of potential purchasers decreases.
  • As a result of the ebook being obtained for free, the book is not valued and read in a timely manner, if at all.
  • The ‘Customers Who Bought this Item Also Bought’ window gets jacked-up.  They no longer show my other titles.  They now show unrelated free books that were near them in ranking. Results: CONFIRMED.

Additional possibilities:

  • Those getting the free promo books are not author loyal and are happier placing their loyalty in all things glorious and free.
  • Last possibility, I’m totally wrong and have to eat my hat.  The bounce from the free day makes the book visible to new buyers outside of my fan base of 45K+ fans.  This new flow of fans buys the book while its flying high on its bounce, and steers them into reading my other titles. Results: NEGATIVE, this did not happen.

The last option would be like magic beans of marketing.  In short, my desired goal with KDP Select is to utilize it as a marketing tool that will help sell books and increase revenue from those sales.  Simply, I would like to know if it’s a viable business tool.  This is a live post.  I’ll post more hourly updates to this blog posting as the free promo days continue.  The book is free right now.  If you want to help out and grab one that would be great.  More data to come!

Note: Book sales tend to slump at the end of the month, especially on Sunday.

Additional findings:

Thought I’d follow someone else who hit #1 in the free store.  The book sat in the top 15 for 24 hours straight, hitting #1 for over 12 hours.  The book is the same genere as mine (YA Paranormal Romance).  I’m watching/ logging that book’s bounce.  Here are the details.

Last known ranking on March 24th at 11pm: #4 in Free store.

Bounce rankings/ stats in PAID kindle bestseller’s list:

  • March 25
  • 9:30am- 7,314
  • 2:38pm- 7,763
  • 3:39pm- 5,150
  • 6:08pm- 5,270
  • 9:24pm-5,146
  • March 26
  • 9:19am-2,883
  • 3:00pm-2.475
  • 6:52pm-2,218
  • 10:38pm-2,313
  • March 27
  • 8:47am-1,711
  • kdp down – same issue: not available in US
  • 5:22pm-1,662

Anticipated findings:

The bounce given by the free days is on level with my regular sales stats.  For someone who’s titles lurk in the lower rankings of 100,000+, the free days may act as a way to bounce their title up the list when they had no idea what else to do.  For someone who already has a firm fan base and steady rankings, it looks like it isn’t worth it.  The bounce I’ve read about sounded too good to be true: book hits #1 in the free store and then stuck on the top ten list in their category.  Maybe it happened to someone at some time, but it’s not the norm.  I don’t see that happening for my title or anyone else’s as a predictable, repetitive pattern that can be duplicated.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to eat my hat, but it doesn’t appear to be happening.

Actual Findings:

During this experiment, I became acutely aware that Amazon has issues.  At multiple times over a two-day period the sales page for my book was unavailable.  Other titles were also effected.  These titles belonged to me as well as other writers.  When I pointed this out to the other authors, they seemed to be aware that kdp was ‘gltichy’ and acted like it happened occasionally.  I’ve been trying to track the bounce on my book, but it appears that there isn’t any.  Like at all.  There has been no sales rank at all on March 28th on the sales page.  I should have had a soft bounce.  Instead, I appear to have no sales at all.  It appears that the book can be purchased now, but according to kdp, the titles affected by the glitch yesterday show no sales today.  Sales ranking on these titles have plummeted.

KDP has some serious issues:

After days of tracking stats kdp had issues on several of my titles.  About half way through March 27th, kdp had a note on all but 2 of my titles saying they were not available in the US (which they are).  There seemed to be a site glitch that lasted several hours.  The glitch appears to have continued into the 28th.  My sales ranks has gone wonky and my dashboard shows minimal movement across the board–all of which began on the 27th when the site underwent tech issues on select titles.  The tech issues didn’t only affect my book, but it affected the other title I was tracking.

This is a serious issue for writers who’s books finally get good rankings.  Site glitches could send them slamming back down into the gutter.  My other titles lost rankings of about 20,000 from being down for all that time.  If I hadn’t been logging this, I wouldn’t have seen it and would have wondered what caused the blip.  Now, I’m wondering how often glitches like this one are appearing.  I will be watching my titles more closely and certainly do not think it is prudent to put all your eggs in one basket.

What I’ve learned:

It is beyond insanity to put all your eggs into the Amazon basket.  Site-wide glitches that stagger sales are not desirable.  If I’m promoting a book, which I certainly was during this period, I want my readers to be able to get it.  Not being able to provide that with 100% certainty is enough to make me so that I don’t want give them sole access them a title again.  90 days of lost revenue from B&N/ Pubit was not worth the free day promo period.  In short, bounce is not reliable.  And right now, my B&N sales are kicking Amazon in the butt.  The promo period and the bounce was the only benefit and I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to monitor the bounce in this posting.  Instead, it turned into monitoring how Amazon site issues kill your promos and crash your rank.

In conclusion, I would seriously hesitate to include a title in kdp select.  I won’t be re-enrolling this title.  I’ll be keeping a closer eye on my rankings.  It would be nice to know that sales slumps were from site issues on Amazon’s side and not something I did.  There are so many facets that cause a book to climb the sales charts, and even more that cause that same title to be slaughtered.  Pin pointing exactly how much of this has to do with website functionality could be staggering.  What do I mean?  Well, this site issues over the past two days did not affect all my titles.  They only affected some.  That means some titles falsely sank (because the readers were not able to purchase and in turn, sales ranking dropped and so did my spot on the bestseller lists), and other titles falsely rose.  The books that remained available cut their way to the top simply because the site glitch didn’t affect them, and the other books were no longer in the way.  This doesn’t sit right with me.  I don’t think it’s mallicious, but I do think it negates a lot of hard work.  Marketing is all about finding prediciable patterns and repeating.  Amazon kind of sucked the predictablity out of it if I can’t count on their site working over a prolonged period of time.  Two days is too long.  If my book had been sitting pretty at 297 where it was a few months ago, I’d be tearing my hair out right now.  It took months to achieve that rank, and to have it stolen by something like this, well, it’s hideous.  The bestseller lists matter.  That’s what bounce theory is all about.

Well, those are my findings.  I discovered things that I hadn’t expected.  Good luck to you as you try to navigate the changing publishing industry.

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Valefar Vol. 1 by H.M. Ward is FREE March 24, 25, 26, & 27

paranormal romance, ya paranormal, ya romance, fallen angel

VALEFAR VOL. 1 by H.M. Ward is FREE today via Amazon!  Go get it!

Today’s the day!  Valefar Vol. 1 is free on March 24-27th on Amazon!  That’s right, it’s totally free!  Just click the link and grab the ebook!

This is the story of what happened to the beautiful and dangerous Collin Smith prior to Demon Kissed #1.  Find out more about the blood bargain that imprisoned him.  Watch his infatuation with Ivy turn to something more.  This paranormal romance is in the same flavor as Demon Kissed, and told from Collin’s point-of-view.

If you’ve already read the Demon Kissed series, this will shed some more light on the Valefar and the undercurrents of evil that surround the creatures of the Underworld.

A note to peeps who don’t own a Kindle and still want the free book: Yes, you can still get it and read VALEFAR VOL. 1 on your kindle, phone, or computer.  No additional software is required.  In fact, you don’t have to do anything.  Just ‘buy’ it and open.  Amazon will use Cloud on your computer, so it looks just like the printed edition.  And you don’t have to wait!  It’s there as soon as you click!


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Valefar Vol. 1 is Free on March 24th on Kindle!

VALEFAR VOL. 1 WILL BE FREE ON MARCH 24th, 26th, & 27th!valefar, demon kissed, hm ward, ya paranormal romance, vampires

Grab Valefar Vol. 1 about the dangerous Valefar Collin Smith on March 24-27th for free!

This novella is part of the Young Adult Paranormal Romance series, Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward.


“It’s 369 days before Ivy loses her soul to a demon kiss. And, Collin Smith, the most powerful Valefar this side of Hell, wants his soul back. He thinks he’ll get it too, until a bargain with a powerful demon proves to be more costly than he hoped.

As his world shifts, Collin tries to protect Ivy, but he knows he can’t be with her. Torn between his affection for the girl and his loyalty, Collin is forced to be the evil creature he tries so hard to deny – a Valefar.”

The Demon Kissed series is split into 3 parts according the character:

  1. Collin (Valefar Volumes 1-5): These novellas take place BEFORE Ivy is sucked into his world.  Collin fans can see lots of Collin, more of the Valefar world, and get more back-story on Collin and Ivy.  There are glimpses of Eric, too.
  2. Ivy (Demon Kissed 1-5):  These novels follow Ivy’s dark destiny from the time she gets marked.
  3. Eric (Fall of the Golden Valefar 1-4): Unofficially, these are Demon Kissed novels 6-10, but they can be read prior to Demon Kissed.  Fall of the Golden Valefar shifts into Paranormal Romance for an older crowd, meaning more bad boy behavior from Eric and saucy sex scenes from this unpredictable character.

So, remember MARCH 24th — grab Valefar Vol. 1 for free!

Gotta Nook and want the freebie?  Use Cloudreader and read it on your computer.  Free is free.  Grab it while you can!  And if you totally gotta read it on your Nook, don’t fret.  Valefar Vol. 1 will be available for Nook again on March 29th.

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Calling all Bloggers of Awesomeness!

demon kissed, hm ward, paranormal romance, YA paranormal romance, best YA booksThis is a quick note to all the wonderful bloggers who loved DEMON KISSED and posted a review.  THANK YOU!

As you may know, the DEMON KISSED series (that follows Ivy Taylor’s storyline) has concluded.  The final book in Ivy’s story, THE 13th PROPHECY, was released on March 6, 2012.  As if that wasn’t a big whoop-t-do, there’s more!

Book #1, DEMON KISSED, turns 1 yr old on March 27th, 2012!  Eeeep!  It’s already been a year!  And thanks to the support of awesome fans like you, DEMON KISSED has remained on the bestsellers list for an entire year!

During that time, the size of the facebook fan base more than doubled.  We have over 45,000 fans!  Total reach is insanely huge, at over 17 million people!  We have fans in more countires than I can count.  And you all send me fan mail.  <3  That never gets old.  It’s awesome to hear from people who fanned me at the very beginning, and they stuck with me from then til now, and are jumping at the bit to get their hands on BANE (my next book in my VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE series).

So we’re celebrating lots of stuff!  And as with any celebration of major proportions, we got some major stuff going on! (Say that in Texan with a slight NYer accent.  If needed, add “yo,” to the ending to Yankee it up).

So… I have something special for my blogger peeps! I am going to be doing a lot of promos over the next few months, including author interviews, giveaways, and bloggy kinda stuff.  If you have an opening on your blog schedule this Spring, let me know!

The first five bloggers who RSVP are guaranteed to get awesome swag to give away to their readers.

What kind of swag?  Signed books, signed bookplates, book marks, DEMON KISSED kindle/ nook skins, and maybe even something of Ivy’s from the cover shoot!

Email me at hmward AT demonkissed DOT com.  Make sure the subject line says “Blogger.”  Tell me the name of your blog and the address, too!

Thanks for everything you guys do!  There are so many awesome bloggers, and I have really enjoyed getting to speak to you all over the past year.  Happy blogging!

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Signed Copies of THE 13th PROPHECY & STONE PRISON by H.M. Ward

the 13th prophecy, hm ward, demon kissed, ya paranormal romance

The ordering page on the official website has been updated to include ordering information for SIGNED copies of THE 13th PROPHECY and STONE PRISON.

There are a limited number of SIGNED first edition books.  If you want one, go grab it before they are all gone!

You’ll also notice that the site has been updated, if you haven’t been on it for a while.  The ordering page was streamlined, which makes ordering easier.  And the main site also had an overhaul.

To order SIGNED copies go to:

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The 13th Prophecy has been released early for Nook & Kindle!

the 13th prophecy, hm ward, demon kissed, ya paranormal romance

The conclusion to the bestselling DEMON KISSED series by H.M. Ward has been released early for e-readers!  If you have a Nook or Kindle, go grab it!


or get THE 13th PROPHECY on NOOK

The paperback will be listed on Amazon later this week.  I’ll post links on the main website as soon as it appears.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!  And there is a sample chapter from the new TWISTED TALES series at the end of the book.  Make sure you check that out!

And keep your eyes peeled when you get to the end of the book.  There will be a spin off series titled FALL OF THE GOLDEN VALEFAR.  This first book will be released Summer 2012.  You’ll know exactly who’s story that is when you finish THE 13th PROPHECY.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!  Make sure you leave reviews or visits me on facebook and tell me!

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STONE PRISON (Twisted Tales #1)–A Gothic Fairy Tale by H.M. Ward

Stone Prison, HM Ward, Twisted Tales, Gothic Fairy Tales, Dark Fairy tales

Announcing the cover for my new line of Gothic-Poe style fairy tales!  The first book in the TWISTED TALES series is STONE PRISON.  These novellas are haunting stories that can be read in one sitting.  This dark tale is like the fables of old, with a twist.

STONE PRISON Description:

Bestselling author of the DEMON KISSED series presents TWISTED TALES. This new series of novellas have a Gothic feel with a dark twist reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous stories.

This dark tale is like the fables of old, with a twist…

While other seventeen-year-old girls are dreaming of marrying the prince, Ella is hoping that she doesn’t get caught. Ella is a thief, forced to live that way by the witch who slaughtered her father fifteen years ago. Since that gruesome night, Ella has been locked in a stone prison—kidnapped—with no chance of freedom. No one can escape from the witch. Ever. But this year, everything changes.

Release date: March 6, 2012

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Teaser #3–10 Days of Demon Kissed #5 Teasers!

the 13th prophecy, hm ward, demon kissed, ya paranormal romanceTEASER #3:

We’re getting ready for the release of the fifth book in the DEMON KISSED series by H.M. Ward!  Here is a small excerpt from the book:

Tension rippled the muscles in his arms. He stepped toward us, wrapping his fingers around my forearm. “He knows you’re here.” –from THE 13th PROPHECY by H.M. Ward.

Release date: Mar 6, 2012

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