SECRETS VOL 1 is 99 Cents Today Only!

SECRETS VOL 1 is only 99¢ today on Kindle!

SECRETS is a sexy, fast paced story about college student Anna Lamore and famed photographer Cole Stevens.

Description: Volume 1 in the Secrets Serials by NY Times Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

Sex is supposed to be sexy, tantalizing, and completely erotic, but Anna never seems to find the right guy. This one seems to be a germ-a-phobe, and the previous boyfriend wasn’t much better. Anna just wants to be wanted. Is that too much to ask?
As Anna tries to wiggle out of one relationship, a new one surfaces, but it’s forbidden. Cole Stevens is twice her age, arrogant, rich, sexy as hell, and her boss.  When Anna’s internship plans derail, she ends up interning at Cole’s elite New York City studio. Close proximity leads Anna to discover that the billionaire bachelor is emotionally scarred. Everyone has secrets, but Cole’s run deeper, cutting him to his core. Cole is trouble in a sexy shell. He’s nothing Anna needs and everything she wants.

Genre: New Adult Romance
The entire Secrets series (Volume 1-5) is on sale now.

Dudes, I’m going to do an entire post on serials, but in case you don’t know the diff b/t a novel and a serial, here’s the drive-by version: A novel is a long story that you can settle into, typically over 50K words or 250 pages. The story has a single climax and usually unfolds like a bell curve. A serial is a story that unfolds over multiple volumes, by design. Its’ shorter (this book is about 32K words or 125 pages), each one has it’s own climax, it’s cram-packed with emotion, and it ends with a cliffhanger.

The entire SECRETS series is out, so you don’t have to wait for the next volume. Score! Pick it up and see why this series is so popular.

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Release Dates, Novels, and What’s Next (It Is Awesome! Look!)

Okay, I’m working on so many things right now that I need to adjust my timeline to accommodate everything.

*That means that release dates get shifted around.*

Instead of driving you guys nuts and changing the release dates, I’m going to do something else. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make a list of things I’m working on right now.

I’ll have a general idea of when it’ll be out and post as soon as it’s up. That means that when you ask about a specific release date (especially on serials) I won’t have one. I will have release dates on novels about 2-3 weeks prior to release. I’m going to wait until I have them back from my editor before giving exact dates from now on.

If you want to make sure you know as soon as a book is listed, stalk me on FB or Twitter. You can also have a reminder email sent straight to your little ole inbox by texting AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 (if you are out of the country or are anti-texting, use this link).

So here are the things that are in the works, in order that I expect them to be released.

  1. The Arrangement Vol. 4
  2. Trystan Scott Vol. 4
  3. Giveaways for Scandalous, Demon Kissed, The Arrangement and Bane
  4. Paperbacks of the Arrangement (Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4) series
  5. Audiobook of The Arrangement Vol 1narrated by…. me! 
  6. Audiobook of The Arrangement Vol 2
  7. I’m working on something cool with the 1st chapter of the audio from the Arrangement for the fans to see and hear.
  8. Damaged (a new adult novel)
  9. The Arrangement Vol. 5
  10. Paperbacks of Trystan Scott (vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3, vol. 4)
  11. Trystan Scott #5
  12. Paperbacks of Secrets (5×8 format – they aren’t as cute, but they are CHEAPER!)
  13. Divergent Vampire Apocalypse #3 – final book in this series
  14. Interview for Audiobook for Cursed
  15. Demon Kissed #7 The final book of Eric’s story
(Cross outs mean that it’s been completed and/ or sent to editing.)  That’s an insane amount of work that I expect to take me half way through the end of March, maybe early April. It doesn’t include guest posts, blogging, answering facebook posts or fan mail, which I try to do promptly. Add in a baby and things get crazy! Anyway, those are the things that are going on. It gives you an idea of how much work is on my plate.  I do write more than one book at a time, which is normal, but I don’t usually that info.
Notice the pic at the top – the first volume of The Arrangement has been made in paperback. It’s the same size as Christmas Kisses and will retail for about the same price. I’ve been trying to get the paperback prices cheaper. The larger format allows that.  The little books like COLLIDE are cute, but costly. The rest of The Arrangement series will be formatted for paperbacks shortly. Now you all know why my release dates shift. :)
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Update on THE ARRANGEMENT Series

About a week ago, I asked the fans if they thought I should make THE ARRANGEMENT series wrap up in the next volume, or if they wanted more Sean and Avery. The answer was MORE Sean and Avery. You guys asked for it, and got it! THE ARRANGEMENT serials will not end at volume 4. They will keep going. Hooray!

Here are the new covers for Vol 4 & 5. Oooh! Aaaaah!


Volume 4 will be released in a week or so. To get an email reminder on release day, you can click here to make sure you don’t miss it.  Thank you to all the fans who love this series!

When I first starting writing THE ARRANGEMENT, I had no idea what people would think. I got a couple of weird looks when I mentioned it to people, but what do they know? The books took off quickly. Volume 3 has been sitting in the top 100 on Amazon and I’m getting tons of email asking when the next book will be out. It’s so awesome to know that many people love this story. I can’t wait to share the rest of Sean and Avery’s sexy story with you.

So, Volume 4 will be out in about a week. :) Thanks for reading!

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Giveaway! Win SCANDALOUS 2 Sequel to the NY Times Bestseller!

Who wants to win something? You know you do! Winning is fun! Dude, that’s why I do giveaways. It’s always awesome when a fan wins something and sends me a pic. :) Check out this one!

You guys are totally awesome fans and there are really easy ways to win. You can tweet, facebook, or a bunch of other stuff to enter. ;) You can enter every day or only once. It’s totally up to you. The winner will be chosen and posted below at the end of the giveaway.

Just enter using the Rafflecopter thingie below! That’s it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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SCANDALOUS 2 Was Released Today!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Need something hot to read? Check out SCANDALOUS 2.

Description:  Sequel to the New York Times & USA Today Bestseller SCANDALOUS

Abby never thought she’d find her soul mate, but she has and it’s changed her life forever. Jack is everything she needs and more. There’s a connection between the two of them that transcends logic and rational thought. It’s like they were made for each other. Nothing can keep them apart.

After the honeymoon ends, Jack has the most important show of his career. The centerpiece is the scandal painting of Abby. It’s Jack’s defining piece, the start of a new era. But when Jack and Abby return home, something isn’t right. Jack becomes distant as his deepest fears manifest before his eyes.

Jack has been verbally attacked for his art in the past. It’s no secret; but what Abby doesn’t realize is that a hate group has also targeted him. They hold Jack personally responsible for the moral decay in society. Not only is this corruption seen in Jack’s art, but also in his life and love. Seducing Abby made Jack a prime target.

It isn’t enough to ruin Jack’s career—these activists want to end his life.

Everything hinges on Abby and she’ll do anything to protect the man she loves.

Note: Please read the first novel SCANDALOUS 1 before reading this book. The story unfolds in order and you will be lost as to what’s going on in this book if you start with this one. So go grab the 1st one if you haven’t read it yet.

Grab SCANDALOUS 2 Now At These Retailers!


Genre: Adult Romance
Type: Novel – 348 pages

Due to the nature of this title, it is not recommended for younger readers. It’s a kissing book. :) Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Only 2 Days Until SCANDALOUS 2 is Released!

Only TWO more days until SCANDALOUS 2 comes out on Feb. 14th! Eeep! Make sure you finish book 1 first. It’s the sequel to the New York Times & USA Today Bestseller!

Now, I’m gonna tease you. Here are what reviewers are saying about the SCANDALOUS 2:

“The story is absolutely gorgeous. The way H.M. Ward writes – you feel like you can literally see the paintings. You feel all of the emotions the characters feel. I loved the alternating POV chapters. I loved Jack & Abby in the first book – I adored them even more in this book! Scandalous 2 is full of love, passion and yes hot and steamy sex!” -Lisa

“Now about the ending, let me just tell you it is a phenomenal ending! I reread it like twenty times squealing with excitement!! One of the best endings I’ve ever read and I know fans will love it just as much as I did!! Plus as always there’s action packed towards the ending as well as an epiphany! Not telling who has it but it’s such a perfect ending for the characters that anything less wouldn’t have been the same.” -Reese

“One of the best books I have ever read! Jack and Abby’s story left me breathless. Their bond is so strong, and I love how they always put the other first. As you read this book you will be pulled into their world quickly. Your jaw will drop when the scandal and the person behind it is revealed. Your heart will race, and you won’t be able to stop reading.” -Patty

Thank you so much to all the reviewers! You guys rock. I’ve been getting gushing emails all week. I can’t wait to share the next part of Jack and Abby’s story with you on Valentine’s Day!

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THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT ebooks got pretty new covers. What do you think? He’s a good Trystan. Dark hair, brooding blue eyes…holy hotness!

The 4th book in this series will come out on the 25th of this month. Keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, if you haven’t picked this up give it a try. These are serials like SECRETS and THE ARRANGEMENT. They start off in high school and move into New Adult in the final volumes.

Get Started With Book #1 COLLIDE, Now:
Thanks to everyone who loves Trystan Scott! You guy rock!

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New Release! THE ARRANGEMENT 3 Was Released Today!

Guess what sexy book was released today? THE ARRANGEMENT 3! If you haven’t read this bestselling series of short books (serials), check them out.


Sex isn’t love, but it feels like it–that is until Sean bolts from the room. For a moment, everything seemed fine. Avery’s life didn’t feel so impossible. She got the guy and the money, but then everything shifts. The line between reality and fantasy gets hazy. It’s impossible to know if her feelings are genuine or just an illusion.

To make matters worse something from Sean’s past surfaces. Devastated, Avery realizes that Sean isn’t the guy that she thought he was. Avery’s heart can’t take another loss and this time, it looks like she’s going to lose everything.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1, 2, & 3 are on sale now.~



Kobo, Smashwords, and iTunes will up added as soon as they are available. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading this series! You guys rock!

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FREE SCANDALOUS Bookmarks! They Shimmer! Ooooh ahhhhhh…

Want to get a shimmery SCANDALOUS bookmark? They’re really pretty and they are FREE! Both sides are shimmery. Oooooh…. Ahhhhhh.

Here is a pic of the front of the bookmark with the painting of Abby:

Here is a pic of the back of the bookmark with the new covers:

How do I get one?

EASY! Mail a self-addressed STAMPED envelope to:

HM Ward
Scandalous Bookmark
PO Box 3621
Abilene, TX 79604

There are only a limited number of bookmarks. When they are all gone, I’ll post and let you know. Thanks everyone! I’m so glad I can share these with you guys.

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SCANDALOUS 2 Coming Feb 14th!

SCANDALOUS 2 is the sequel to the NEW YORK TIMES & USA TODAY bestseller SCANDALOUS. Oooooh.  Aaaaaah. Here’s the pretty cover.

Release date: Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, 2013)

Genre: Adult Romance (Lots of fans put it in with New Adult romance because Abby is dealing with the same issues when her life gets turned upside down).

So, do I need to read book 1 first? YES! And it’s 99 cents for a little while longer, so go get it before it goes back to $4.99.

SCANDALOUS was originally written under my pen name, Ella Steele. This title/ series is intended for mature audience, not recommended for younger readers.

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