Capturing the Golden Goose: More Information for Indie Authors

WRITERS! Thinking about going Indie? There’s a huge-ass FREE online workshop THIS week!!! Register for IndieReCon here and then register for my webinar, “How to Sell a Bazillion Books,” here.

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Happy Writing!

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Come See HM Ward at KOBO SIGNING IN LONDON! April 17 2015

Limited Edition Collector’s Book: Hardcover of Damaged 1 & 2



kobo signing event london 2015The perfect present for your favorite Ferro fan!

Both DAMAGED 1 & 2 are bound together in this limited edition hardcover book. I spent over eight months working with various vendors to make this beautiful book perfectly Peter. It’s gorgeous and looks amazingly awesome! I can’t wait for you to hold it. You’re going to squeal!

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION PRINT RUN, which means there is only a limited amount of copies-when they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t wait! DAMAGED was a top-twenty bestselling Amazon book last year, with more than a million copies sold to date. This is the first time it is being offered as a collector’s harLBDHC1 - Copydcover.

This is the first H.M. Ward collector’s book. Collector’s books are for people who LOVE the story and want it in a super-swank keepsake. The cover features fine pebble grain on brown ecologically friendly fibers, made to resemble leather, but much more durable and animal friendly.

The Ferro family crest adorns the front of the book, and the title LBDHC2 - CopyDAMAGED is down the spine. Gold gilding makes the edge of the book have a soft metallic sheen. The decorative golden, vertical band on the cover is also on the back of the book. The interior chapter headings also include the Ferro family crest (pictured above).

Larger than the paperbacks, this edition is 6″ x 9″ with 440 pages. The print run is limited to a thousand books, less than half of which are signed by the author, H.M. Ward.

Things to consider:

  • YOU MUST PICK THIS UP AT BBA LONDON 2015 (FREE but Registration is requested)
  • A SIGNED book is a rare thing and makes a GREAT gift!
  • You can have me add a special note when you pick it up at Kobo Signing event in London (April 17th, 2015)
  • This is the 1st and ONLY hardcover book by HM Ward to date.
  • This book was custom designed and is highly collectible.
  • This is part of the original print run of only a thousand books (I saved some for this event).
  • This item is not for sale elsewhere–this is the only way to get it right now.
  • Please bring CASH if you would like to buy one at the event.
  • Limit 1 per person.
  • First come, first served.



Reg. Price $299



If you have a question, please ask. FACEBOOK is checked most frequently or contact me HERE. Please include your transaction number (the PayPal payment number if you have already purchased). Put ‘HARDCOVER’ in the subject line so we can answer you promptly.


Terms & Conditions: First come, first served. There are less than 2 dozen books available. Come early. Only cash payments accepted. 1 book per person. Thank you!

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