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A complete listing of purchasing options for all the works by H.M. Ward are listed here.

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50 thoughts on “Order Books

  1. How many books or novellas will there be in, “The Secret Life Of Trystan Scott” Series? Also, when does Book 5 come out? I’m hooked!!

    • not sure yet. at least a couple more. next book should be out this spring. exact date TBA. u can text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 to get an email reminder on release day so u dont miss it. :)

  2. Was just wondering when the arrangement 7 would be out please. The cliff hangers are killing me, in dire need of my arrangement fixes.

  3. When will The Arrangement 6 be offered on paperback? I have not blessed with a kindle yet. Love this series! I got hooked after reading Damaged.

  4. Is there a release date for Arrangement 9 yet? Will this be the conclusion or do you plan to write more? Series is phenomenal btw.

    • ASAP. They take longer over there. If you can’t wait, grab the kindle ap and read the kindle edition. Vol 1-9 are on Amazon, 9 came out today.

  5. When will Trystan Scott “Broken Promises” be released? I loved those books and was shocked when I read “Stripped” with him in it. I can’t wait to read what is happening in his world.

  6. Ok I just want to make sure I have all the books that deals with the Ferro Family (and Trystan Scott). Damaged 1-2 (Peter), the Arrangement 1-12(Sean), Stripped (Jon), The Proposition 1-2 (Brian), The Secrets of Trystan Scott 1-5 (Day Jones). There is no other part of the family out there that I don’t know about is there?????? HEHE… I give you props!!! Good job!

  7. Love, love, love your books!! Do you have any idea when Stripped 2 will be released? Everywhere I look, the websites just say 2014 but not what month in 2014. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  8. I was curious if there were going to be any more Assassin books with Eric or if that was the end as far as we know it with the first book in his spin off series from Demon Kissed. I fell in love with these books and have been saddened that there’s been no new ones concerning Eric. Also, can you tell me why isn’t Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar is not offered on kindle now? Thanks for your help!!

    • The Demon Kissed Series is a YA (Young Adult) series and we felt that the content in Assassin did not match the genre of the rest of the series. That said, Eric and his storyline are the inspiration for Sean in The Arrangement Series. And there’s your trivia for the day! :)

  9. Omg I am so in love with your books ..I can get enough ..I allways read them I hours …thank your for the great job you do to keep your fans happy

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