What’s an ARC? And How Can I Get One?

bookmedON THE TOPIC OF ARCs: - WHAT IS AN ARC? – HOW DO I GET AN ARC? – WHY ISN’T IT WORKING? ARC stands for Advance Reader (or Reviewer) Copy. Normally, ARCs are sent out to professional book reviewers and bloggers that have a big following so that these reviewers and critics can read the book and post a review, usually before the actual release. It gives the book visibility prior to release. Holly is generous enough to send ARCs to hardcore fans who aren’t professional reviewers or bloggers. IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW (on Amazon, Goodread, iTunes, Kobo, B&N, Blog, etc.). If you apply for an ARC, you get a pre-publication copy of the book but you are asked to post a review as quickly as possible. How do you get an ARC? On Holly’s Facebook page (link to the right), she will post an announcement saying that ARC applications are open and she’ll post an email addy. Send a blank email to that addy (please try to use something other than a Yahoo! or AOL). You’ll instantly get an email with instructions and a password. Fill in the required fields in the form and then… cross your fingers and WAIT! It could take a couple of days before you find out if you got an ARC. To be eligible for an ARC you have to have posted reviews of Holly’s books on amazon.com (it has to be .com) Having trouble? The automated system seems to not like Yahoo! and AOL so if you can open up another email account (gmail works great), for the initial step, then you can enter your regular email addy in the form. Sending the initial email doesn’t make you eligible. After the initial email is sent, you’ll get a reply with a link and a password. Click on the link, enter the password in the little box and it’ll bring you to the form. Can’t find links to your reviews on amazon.com? If you are using a mobile device or tablet, you need to go on the full site version (not the mobile version). Go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Full Site”. When you find one of your reviews on the full site, there should be a “Permalink” at the bottom of your review. Keep your finger pressed on the word “Permalink” until you have to option to “copy” or “copy link” and then post it in the form.

Thank you to the Ferroaholics for making this post about how HM Ward does ARCs! You rock!

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New Release: THE ARRANGEMENT 16 (The Ferro Family), by H.M. Ward

AR16THE ARRANGEMENT 16 (The Ferro Family) is out today!


Volume 16 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

I’ve gone from a future of possibilities to nothing in a single gunshot. Homeless, penniless and without the man I love, my hopelessness overwhelms me and I seek unexpected comfort from people long absent in my life. I can’t lose Sean—not now, not ever—and I’ll do anything to get him back, even if it means using myself as bait.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-16 are on sale now.~


Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!  bn   Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!   Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!

(paperback to follow shortly)

What people are saying about The Arrangement 16:

“If you like mystery with an edge of sexy, this is a MUST READ.” -N. Venable

“Best one yet! So many Ferros at once!” Keitha

“Fall in love with Sean even more!” -Sue D.

If you are a new fan and would like more information on this series, click here.

This series is fan driven–which is really unusual and way cool! The main thing to know is that it has over one million rabid readers and I write more as they ask for more. This is my only fan-driven series, and you’ve never encountered a series quite like this one before. Check it out!

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The Secret Life of Trystan Scott Omnibus is Coming!

THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT will be available in an omnibus edition for a limited time starting on Feb. 17th! Here’s a sneak peek at the jacket! It’s sooooo pretty! (This is books 1-5 in one collection).

trystanscottomnibusjacketmedThe paperback is 682 pages. It’s a big fat book! The omnibus will be available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. I’ll post when it goes live.

Thank you to all the fans who love Trystan!

FYI, this is the prequel to BROKEN PROMISES which will appear later this year. As many of you already noticed, Trystan appears in STRIPPED, THE PROPOSITION, and THE ARRANGEMENT. It’s three years after The Secret Life series has ended when he appears in those books. BROKEN PROMISES runs concurrently with the Ferro books/ timeline.

More info on Trystan and BROKEN PROMISES coming soon!


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Cover Reveal: SECRETS 3 by H.M. Ward

Tah dah! The next sexy cover reveal for SECRETS 3!

This book is the hottest of the three, with more hotness to come in books 4 & 5! The SECRETS series is New Adult/ Mature YA Romance.

Get SECRETS 3 at these retailers: 


Cover reveal for SECRETS 4 coming soon! Can’t wait to show it to you guys. And thank you so much to everyone who bought SECRETS and took a chance with a new author.  Right now, SECRETS 1 is climbing higher on the bestseller list, so thank you for reading and spreading the word.  I can’t thank you enough! You guys seriously rock!

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