New Release: THE ARRANGEMENT 16 (The Ferro Family), by H.M. Ward

AR16THE ARRANGEMENT 16 (The Ferro Family) is out today!


Volume 16 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

I’ve gone from a future of possibilities to nothing in a single gunshot. Homeless, penniless and without the man I love, my hopelessness overwhelms me and I seek unexpected comfort from people long absent in my life. I can’t lose Sean—not now, not ever—and I’ll do anything to get him back, even if it means using myself as bait.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-16 are on sale now.~


Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!  bn   Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!   Buy The Arrangement 16 Now!

(paperback to follow shortly)

What people are saying about The Arrangement 16:

“If you like mystery with an edge of sexy, this is a MUST READ.” -N. Venable

“Best one yet! So many Ferros at once!” Keitha

“Fall in love with Sean even more!” -Sue D.

If you are a new fan and would like more information on this series, click here.

This series is fan driven–which is really unusual and way cool! The main thing to know is that it has over one million rabid readers and I write more as they ask for more. This is my only fan-driven series, and you’ve never encountered a series quite like this one before. Check it out!

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New Today! The Secret Life of Trystan Scott (The Complete Collection Vol. 1-5)

You guys asked for it and you got it! All FIVE Trystan Scott Volumes in one place. If purchased separately, they retail for $14.95. For a limited time you can grab the entire collection for only $9.99. Wahoo!

And yes, this is the same Trystan Scott that you see in the Ferro books. This is his juicy back story.


Volumes 1-5 in the New York Times Bestselling The Secret Life of Trystan Scott Serials

Fame has a price and Trystan doesn’t want to pay. Everything he worked so hard to hide is about to be revealed. Nothing he can do will stop it. Within a few short hours everyone will know about his father and the sordid details of his past. There are four words Trystan’s father said that haunt him–four words that he ignored–never fall in love. But it’s too late. This is the complete collection of the prequel series to BROKEN PROMISES (A Trystan Scott novel).

  • Genre: YA/ New Adult Romance
  • The paperback is 682 pages.
  • All five volumes from The Secret Life are in this collection
  • Related Works: BROKEN PROMISES (which will be released later this year)

~The Secret Life of Trystan Scott Collection (Volume 1-5) are on sale now.~

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What readers are saying:

“There is yet to be a H.M. Ward book that I do not just LOVE! Trystan Scott series is no exception. I will continue to buy until Mrs. Ward does not want to write anymore :) ” -Amazon Customer.

“I love this series of books, and if you love HM Ward’s writing style you won’t be disappointed.” -CCozby

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THE ARRANGEMENT 11 is Available Now!

THE ARRANGEMENT VOL. 11 was released today!


~Volume 11 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials~

Sean Ferro is my addiction. I can’t tell him no, no matter what he asks for, and I know there are so many dark questions behind those blue eyes, so many things he wants me to do with him.

When I watch him go down on one knee, with his sexy body covered in sand, and hold up a glittering ring, I can barely stand. It looks like he’s going to propose, and I know exactly what I’m going to say.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 20,000 words each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-11 are on sale now.~



Are you a paper person and wondering when the paperback will be released? Tah dah! Preorder for paper is already up. Go click it and the book will show up on your doorstep on release day. It’s awesome. Click here to preorder the paperback of ARRANGEMENT 11.

What readers are saying:

“I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Not only does this author write amazing stuff she is a down to earth person who listens to what her fans want! Number 12 is going to be amazing with the cliffhangers that were at the end of this one. Sean and Avery’s story has been a roller-coaster ride and this book just took you through the biggest upside down loopty loop! LOL! Was not able to stop reading until I finished the whole thing!” -Keitha B.

“Amazeballs! OMFG!I am in complete and utter shock! This is definitely my favorite installment by far! I love this Sean, the sweet caring and open Sean! He loves Avery and I’m so happy he shows it.” -Jasmine C.

And more:

Thank you so much for reading!!! I’ll keep you guys updated on the other sites. Have an awesome Monday!

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Cover Reveal for THE ARRANGEMENT 11

The cover for THE ARRANGEMENT 11 by H.M. Ward! You guys asked for a cover with a ring on it, so here ya go!

This title will be released before the end of the moth, the weekend of Oct 27th. I’ll post the links as soon as it’s been uploaded. Paperback will appear ASAP. I know there are a lot of paperback readers and I don’t want to keep you guys waiting, but it takes a little bit longer. :)

11 is NOT the final volume. People are asking for an engagement, a wedding, and baby Ferro. Can you imagine? Sean as a daddy. ;) More info on serials vs novels is over here. Have an awesome weekend!

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Major Indie Milestones: 2 Million Books Sold, 7 New York Times Bestsellers, Plus More Cool Stuff

This year has been an amazing experience. Some of you know that I’m an indie author, which means that I’m completely self-published. Lots of people think that a writer can’t get anywhere going it alone, and I’d like to say otherwise.

Being an Indie Author rocks! Here are some of the amazing things that have happened so far this year, and the year isn’t over yet!

Currently, I’m the #1 bestselling new adult author in the world. Thank you to Bella Andre for pointing that out. I don’t stop and look at the numbers often, and since they exploded this year I’ve climbed more lists than I can count. The majority of my titles are new adult, and they took off like a rocket early this year after sleeping for months.

I’ve sold 2 million books. On my own. Without a publisher. How many? Can you even fathom that number, most of which were sold since this January? I can’t. What does that even look like? 2 freakin million books. Sold. As in people paid for them. (No, that doesn’t include free. I suck at free. While others have gotten free to work, I didn’t). It’s amazing!

My books have been in the New York Times 7 times since January, as well as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal. One of my titles also hit #1 on Digital Book World and I was the 1st strictly Indie author to do so.

I hit the #1 bestselling author on Amazon several times and have been in the top 100 since January this year. The authors surrounding me are mega blockbuster bestselling authors like Nora Roberts, Lee Child, and Dan Brown.

I’ve had multiple books hit the lists on the same week! I had 2 New York Times bestsellers at once, multiple times! Having 7 so far this year is overwhelming, but when you add that some of those books were in there twice in one week and wow. Just wow.

One of my titles was in the Amazon top 100 books for over 100 days. That was amazing!

I was in FORBES, The Washington Post, and a bunch of other cool places.

We’re well into record breaking territory for an indie author. Self publishing is a roller coaster ride and it’s been frantic since the start of this year.

Hell, publishing is a wild ride in general. It’s hard enough to write a book, but when you add in the factors it takes to get it in front of people, and all this stuff that happened is mind-blowing.

I’ve turned down multiple six-figure offers from traditional publishers this year and I am a so glad that I did. For those thinking about self publishing, take a good hard look. I’m having a fun time and currently at the top of the charts, and while my experience may not be the norm, there are many Indies earning an excellent living–some, for the first time in their lives–and they’re doing what they love.

I just wanted to share this since the connotation that self-publishing isn’t a good plan. People told me I was crazy when I turned down those offers. Trust your gut.

It turns out that self publishing is awesome.

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Sale! TRYSTAN SCOTT Vol. 1-4 Are 99¢ Each!

THE SECRET LIFE OF TRYSTAN SCOTT VOL. 1 -4 are on sale TODAY ONLY for 99¢ each!

Why? Because the final volume in this series is due out next week AND because Trystan is in STRIPPED: A FERRO FAMILY NOVEL.

These serials are his backstory and take place about 3 years before his apperance in STRIPPED.

And, there will be a follow up TRYSTAN SCOTT novel this winter. So for the masses that love Trystan, get ready for more hottness. I seriously cannot wait for that book!

More info to come. Eeep!



Happy Reading!!!

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Cover Reveal: ARRANGEMENT 6

Her’es the cover for the 6th volume in the bestselling ARRANGEMENT series! Oooh. Ahhhh!

THE ARRANGEMENT Vol. 6 will be released by the end of the month. This popular series features serials that are about 115 pages each in print. This series was originally created for fans  to have something to read between novels. The fans loved it and so did a lot of other people. All my serials and novels are listed over here and marked, so you won’t get them mixed up if you’re a novel person. ;)

Thanks to all THE ARRANGEMENT fans for loving this series so much! I can’t wait to share the next book with you.

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Hot New Release: SECRETS Vol. 4 by H.M. Ward

SECRETS Vol. 4 was released today!

Description: “At night, when Anna closes her eyes, everything comes rushing back; the sensuous sound of Cole’s voice, his scalding touch, and the way his eyes roved over her body like he could never get enough. Flirtation, promises of passionate sex, and nights filled with Cole’s sexy smile are gone. Anna worries that her crush on Cole was something more, because her life is total agony without him.

Anna realizes she’s at a turning point. Someone burned her. This isn’t a little blister that will go away on its own, it’s an inferno that’s destroyed everything it touched. In a matter of minutes, Anna lost her future and the man who holds her heart.”

Genre: New Adult Romance – Not appropriate for younger readers.




“Another fantastic novel that will leave readers guessing until the very last pages. Anna continues to be a great and relatable character whom I admire greatly for following her dreams and her heart. My favorite Secrets volume so far!! I hope you all pick up a copy and make sure to leave reviews of your own for H.M. Ward’s amazing books!” -Reese’s Reviews

“The love scene between and Anna and Cole was a long time coming and WOW is it HOT HOT HOT. I love this series. Well written and beware….the book ends with a cliffhanger….hopefully we won’t have to wait long to see what happens next! 5++++” -Auna W.

You won’t have to wait very long for Secrets Vol 5! It will be released in mid Dec 2012. Thank you to all the fans who love this series! I can’t tell you how many emails I get every day begging for more Anna and Cole. Enjoy SECRETS 4 and have a great Thanksgiving!

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