Win a SIGNED copy of CATALYST (Vampire Apocalypse #2) by H.M. Ward

Enter to win SIGNED copy of CATALYST Vampire Apocalypse #2 by H.M. Ward!

Stop drooling and I’ll tell you how to get your hands on one of the 1st signed copies of the second book in this bestselling series!  Simply leave a review of BANE on Amazon, Goodreads, or B&N after you finish BANE to enter.

I’ll choose a winner before Sept. 12, 2012. That user will be posted on THIS blog post, so make sure you check back. Respond within 72 hours or the prize will be given to someone else. This giveaway is for US only.  No cash value.

If you haven’t read BANE yet, what are you waiting for? It’s only $0.99 right now! SALE! Go get it!

Get BANE at these retailers:


Thank you to everyone who already left a review! You are entered too! Just post on this blog to validate your entry. Good luck!


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TORN (Demon Kissed #3) is 99 Cents This Weekend!

TORN (DEMON KISSED #3) is on sale for 99 cents this weekend only!

Grab book #3 and get caught up! This is one of my favorite books in the series. It’s the one where everything changes and nothing is what it seems.

FYI, you can grab books #1-3 for under $5 this weekend.  That’s right! Demon Kissed is still on sale for 99 cents. Cursed is $2.99, and with Torn only 99 cents, you’ll have the first three books in the Demon Kissed series for under $5!

TORN has NEVER been on sale for 99 cents before.  I have no idea when or if I’ll do it again, so if you’ve been thinking about reading it, grab it now!



When you are done, make sure you enter to win the set of signed books up for grabs! Full details are listed in this post.

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SCANDALOUS by Ella Steele Review: 5 STARS 100/100 (I fricken got 100%!!!!)

OMG – U guys r gonna make me cry! The reviews for SCANDALOUS have been so phenomenal. I can’t thank you enough for trying something new with me!

Here’s the latest review by Reese:

5 STARS 100/100 (I fricken got 100%!!!!) 

Synopsis: Millionaire Jack Gray earned his fortune creating erotic art for a discerning clientele. He doesn’t use a brush to depict these hauntingly beautiful portraits–he uses bare skin. A sterling reputation is the only thing standing between Jack and poverty as he skirts the thin line between fine art and cheap sensationalism. To ensure that his character remains beyond reproach, an assistant observes his sessions.

While interviewing for a new assistant, Jack hears her voice–Abby Tyndale–the girl who got away. The last time Jack saw her was over a decade ago. After years of romantic tension she had nearly kissed him, but then disappeared without a trace. He hasn’t seen her since. Until now. When he learns that his lost love joined the clergy after she fled to West Texas, his heart sinks. She’s forbidden, forever set apart by her vows.

Jack’s life quickly spins out of control as Abby grows closer to him, and worsens when his client list is stolen. The financial blow alone is damning, but it’s the scandal brewing beneath the surface that he fears the most. Jack and Abby’s livelihoods rely on their reputations. A single scandal will destroy them both. While fearing a contrived scandal, they have courted a very real one as their romance reignites.

This erotic romance is an addictive tease that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

This romance novel is by bestselling author H.M. Ward under the pen name Ella Steele.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from H.M. Wards novel Scandalous before I read it. I loved the cover, just like all her others, was completely stunning. While reading I honestly could not put this story down. Scandalous follows the life of Abby Tyndale who finds herself back in New York after a mishap with her congregation down in Texas.

This book was nothing like I expected. It was completely original, and breathe taking, and just over all like any of H.M. Wards books, mold breaking.

I originally thought you that they would meet, lots of sexual tension, and then in then end they would be together. And honestly if you’re looking for that, don’t read Scandalous. This book was nothing like I expected.

I loved everything about this novel. The characters, the plot, the art….Oh the art!!! In my mind all I could see was provocative, bold, colorful canvases. Such amazing description, I honestly wish from the deepest depths of my soul that I could see one of these amazing works of are that Jonathan/ Jack Gray created. The art in my mind is so stunning I can only imagine what H.M. Ward was imagining while she wrote this story up.


Abby Tyndale was the perfect character. Seriously I loved her. She’s an amazingly strong character. Never giving up on what she wants. She knew exactly what she wanted, and although sometimes she doubted, she knew who she was and never backed down. She was shy, and was always blushing which was so cute. Honestly, even though she had flaws, that’s what made her even more likeable.

Jack Gray was the perfect male character. Naughty, professional,drop dead GORGEOUS!!! And amazingly talented. I loved reading about what he did with the paintings and the models. I had to start fanning myself when reading about how he moved his artistic ways into the “bedroom.” Honestly they were the perfect couple. Both seeing what the other needed and wanted.
Kate was amazing. She’s the best kind of friend. Honest, even when you don’t want to hear the truth. She was incredibly funny, and so mom like, yet friend at the same time. Completely hilarious.

Oh and on the sexual tension level I have two words: Nipple clamps. Seriously, I loved how the sexual tension was so perfect and not over the top. In all honesty I was a little scared for a while that they would never get together, and when they did, I was doing a serious happy dance around the entire planet.

The twist towards the end of the book, and yes of coarse there’s a twist…you sillies, I never saw that coming. I was completely appalled! Seriously H.M. Ward knows how to throw an extremely heart wrenching twist you’d never see coming into every novel and Scandalous was no exception!!!

Favorite Quote:

“You suck, you know that?” I laughed, cringing as I felt sand in places they shouldn’t be. “I’m full of sand. All my clothes could be from Sandcastles-R-Us.”

He straighted, “Is that so?”

“Which one? The sucking or the sand?” I laughed. I couldn’t stop. I hadn’t laughed so hard in forever. My sides felt like they were going to split open. Before I knew it, Jack was leaning down, reaching for me. I laughed, swatting, swatting him away, not realizing what he was doing. He managed to get a hold of my wrist and my thigh. He swung me up over his shoulders while I kicked and screamed.

Jack began to wade into the water, as I pulled his hair trying to stop him. “The sucking or the sand,” he murmured, still laughing as he went into the water deeper.”

(I seriously had a extremely hard time picking just one quote but I did it! I love this quote because it’s so cute, and just made me laugh. Reading about how perfect they were together was in little cute moments like these and I enjoyed this one mostest.)

Okay so if you missed it somewhere in my review I’ll spell it out: YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!! ASAP!!!

Rating: 100/5(5/5)



Don’t miss the giveaways for June 2012.  SCANDALOUS is one of the signed books you can win.  Details are listed on this post.  Thank you so much!!!!

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The 13th Prophecy has been released early for Nook & Kindle!

the 13th prophecy, hm ward, demon kissed, ya paranormal romance

The conclusion to the bestselling DEMON KISSED series by H.M. Ward has been released early for e-readers!  If you have a Nook or Kindle, go grab it!


or get THE 13th PROPHECY on NOOK

The paperback will be listed on Amazon later this week.  I’ll post links on the main website as soon as it appears.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!  And there is a sample chapter from the new TWISTED TALES series at the end of the book.  Make sure you check that out!

And keep your eyes peeled when you get to the end of the book.  There will be a spin off series titled FALL OF THE GOLDEN VALEFAR.  This first book will be released Summer 2012.  You’ll know exactly who’s story that is when you finish THE 13th PROPHECY.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!  Make sure you leave reviews or visits me on facebook and tell me!

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Teaser #2 – Book #5 in the bestselling DEMON KISSED series by HM Ward

the 13th prophecy, hm ward, demon kissed, ya paranormal romance

Ready for teaser #2?  You know it!!!


THE 13th PROPHECY is LONGER than any other book in this series. It still has some editing going on, but it’s currently at 375 pages!

More teasers to come!

And here is some news that DEMON KISSED fans will enjoy.  There is a spin-off of the Demon Kissed series in the works! The working title is: ASSASSIN–FALL OF THE GOLDEN VALEFAR. This series will alternate release dates with the Vampire Apocalypse by H.M. Ward series. Can’t wait to share more info! It’s eeping awesome! I’M EXCITED!!!!

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Review of YA Paranormal Romance Novel: Satan’s Stone by H.M. Ward

Here is a review from the latest book in the DEMON KISSED series by H.M. Ward - SATAN’S STONE.  It sums up the book very well without spoiling anything.  And her idea of PETA approved vampires is hysterical!

5 STARS – 1/31/12

“Wow. I literally read this entire book in one sitting (if you don’t count getting up to have dinner). Satan’s Stone is the 4th book in the Demon Kissed series, and they are only getting better.

One of my favorite characteristics of the Demon Kissed series in the last 3 books was their ability to completely blindside me, and Satan’s Stone kept up the trend. I absolutely loved the fact that one minute I was sure beyond a doubt about something, and the next I would be proven completely wrong with some fun new plot twist. The story continues to be excitingly original and unpredictable.

Prehaps even a little more than the other Demon Kissed books, Satan’s Stone has a dark side that I absolutely revere. I’ve had my fill of books bursting with fluff and rainbows: a few examples being supernatural guys who leave because they’re “afraid of hurting” people, no main characters ever getting hurt (very unrealistic), and vampires suitable for PETA. Satan’s Stone makes my heart race with everything from the heartless demons, to the black magic, to the edge-of-death experiences that are an all too common experience for the characters.

The one and only complaint I have for Satan’s Stone is a small one. As she did in some of the previous books, the main character Ivy continues to lie and hide things from the people that care about her and it does get to be a little irritating. Other than that, Ivy continues to be the refreshingly strong and powerful heroine that I love.

Satan’s Stone was an amazing addition to the Demon Kissed series and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you haven’t read the first 3 books, I highly recommend that you do! I am dying to read the next book, which comes out in March.” -Linny Milliron via Goodreads

I want to personally thank everyone who takes the time to write a review.  It’s beyond awesome when a reader and a writer connect, and one of the ways that happens is when people take the time to write detailed comments like this one.  It lets you know the flavor of the books without giving anything away.  Thank you so much Linny!  And everyone else who has written reviews!  This series wouldn’t be a bestseller without awesome people like you!

The final book in the DEMON KISSED series – THE 13th PROPHECY – will be released March 6, 2012.

To purchase the 4th book in the DEMON KISSED series, click here.

For more information about this series, please visit:

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Announcing the Mock Up Cover for The 13th Prophecy!

This is the mock up of the cover for the final book in the DEMON KISSED series by H.M. Ward.  It’s not the final version, but it’s getting close!

I told the fans that I’d post it the other night when the facebook page hit 44,000 fans – and it did!

So, who’s ready for THE 13th PROPHECY?

Want another bit of awesomeness?  The 1st chapter of BANE: VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE by H.M. Ward 1 will be included with it!

Have an awesome weekend!

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