Summer Sizzle, Signed Books, & Extras

You ever get to the end of a good book and think, I wish there was more… just another kiss, just another smoldering look… It can’t be over yet!

Well, here’s your chance to get more.  Once SCANDALOUS reaches 50 reviews on Amazon, I’ll post an extra sizzling hot scene between Jack and Abby for free on the blog!  Eeep!

Psst! Haven’t read it yet?  SCANDALOUS is on sale for $3.99 through the weekend.


More?  You want more?  Okay!  Once DEMON KISSED reaches 100 reviews on Amazon, I’ll post bonus content.  There was a scene between Ivy and Collin that was deleted for being too steamy before it went to press.

Long story.  It had to do with agents, publishers, blah blah blah.  Anyway, it was removed from the manuscript.  I’ll post this extra chapter for free on the blog when we hit 100 Amazon reviews!  We’re almost there!  Hooray!!!

DEMON KISSED is on sale for $3.99 this week!



The next book release is for VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE #1 – BANE on FRIDAY JUNE 15th, 2012!  The first book in the  series will appear on Nook and Kindle.  Paperbacks will follow about two weeks later.  Have you read the chapter 1 sneak peek?  It’s over here.

Description: The world as we know it is gone. The ice caps have melted and shifted south, devastating the northern territories and eradicating major cities such as New York and London, which are now under water and frozen. Humans died off during an epidemic prior to the ice disaster, and many more died during the floods at the start of this new ice age.

These events have forced vampires out of hiding. In order to ensure that their food source wouldn’t completely die off, the vampires have sequestered the remaining humans into farms and taken control of all that remains of civilization. Over time, the humans breeding on these farms became anemic. Their blood no longer sustains the master race. But not all of the humans were captured and sent to the farms. Some of the humans evaded the hunters, hiding in safe houses across the frozen tundra. As decades passed, the free humans disappeared, died, or were captured, until all that remains is one. Kahli is the last wild human. BANE is her story.



I’m giving away 3 SIGNED copies of DEMON KISSED this month!  These copies have the new purple covers!!!  The book has been reformatted and looks stunning!  If you read DEMON KISSED, leave a review on Amazon or B&N to enter to win.  I’ll choose a name at random from the people who left reviews.

I have 2 SIGNED copies of SCANDALOUS by Ella Steele (my pen name) that I’m giving away this month, too!  Mind you that this book is an adult romance book.  If you read SCANDALOUS you can leave a review on Amazon or B&N to enter to win.  I’ll choose names at random from the people who left reviews.

BANE giveaway is also going on!  This is the first book in my new vampire series.  If you read BANE you can leave a review on Amazon or B&N to enter to win.  Full details are listed here.

There will be more give-a-ways each month.  At least that’s my plan!  I’ll have signed books, kindle skins, nook skins, and more awesome stuff!

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14 thoughts on “Summer Sizzle, Signed Books, & Extras

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  2. For the review for Scandalous on Amazon, does it have to be for the Kindle version or the Paperback version to post the review?

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    • Yup! You were entered. Anyone that posted a review during May or June was entered. :)

  4. And the winner of SCANDALOUS is: EmilyDreams15

    And the winner of DEMON KISSED is: Danielle B!

    Email me via hmward AT demonkissed DOT com to claim your signed book! :) Holly