Get Sean Ferro Into Bed! ARRANGEMENT 18 is Released


Volume 18 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials

Sean is the last person I expected to pull open the door to the Ferro mansion, and yet here he is. My plan turns to dust and blows away. After everything I went through, I’m back at the beginning, falling at the feet of the only man that can save me.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes approx. 125 pages each.
~The Arrangement Vol 1-18 are on sale now.~


Buy The Arrangement 18 Now  iTunes      kobo

(Paperback link will be posted ASAP)


“Oh, how gorgeous Sean is in this part of the story.” -Anderea Sanders

“Beautiful and blood pumping good!” -Amanda Chum

“Oh My Sean… this installment of the Arrangement series has to be my favorite.” Gabby Hiller

“With Avery’s determination to stay strong and Sean’s will to show his true feelings, Holly has gone above and beyond with AR 18.” -Deborah Goldberg

“OMG that was so worth the wait!” -Nicole Listick

And in case you missed it, here is THE ARRANGEMENT series video teaser:

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New Release! LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED 5 by HM Ward

Muscular bodyHot new release! LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED 5 came out today!


Money. Power. Sex.

This can’t be happening. Maybe storming off to the club and getting sloshed was a bad idea, but I couldn’t handle all that’s happened. Forget for a while, that’s all I wanted. After dancing with the wrong guy all night I planned on forgetting everything troubling me while rolling around in his bed. The problem is the guy is Pete Ferro and I’m me. It’s a horrible plan to get all sinful and sweaty with him, but it’s exactly what I need. One night with no connections, no worries, and a guy who isn’t after my money or my family.

Screw it. I’m going to get lucky.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over multiple volumes
Length: Approx. 130 pgs


Buy The Arrangement 16 Now  Buy LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED Now!  kobo  iTunes

(paperback to follow)


An amazing plot twist, a juicy scheme, and steamy incounters.” -Gabby Hiller

“The book is laugh out loud funny and very touching.” -Andera Sanders

“Omg, omg, OMFG! Peeps, you HAVE to get Life Before Damaged vol.5!” - Crystal Zapata

“I thought Sean was the best Ferro, but I have to say I am falling harder and harder for Pete with every volume!” – Erin Amelio

“I’m totally loving Peter Ferro! This series keeps getting better and better.” -L. Morales

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More about Peter Ferro’s past. If you didn’t think you could love him any more than you already do, guess again. That’s the main comment fans of DAMAGED keep saying about this series.

Muscular bodyDescription:

Money. Power. Sex.

Just stay away from Pete Ferro. How hard can that be? But every time I turn around the man is there with that beautiful face and those wicked lips. He pins me in place with eyes that are fifty shades of blue. I become someone else, a woman who feels alive and defiant.

I’m sick of being what everyone else wants. There’s a woman inside of me screaming to break free, and I know just how to release her from her bondage. Every inch of me is excited, all I have to do is follow through.

Genre: New Adult Romance (book 4 of 9)
This story unfolds over multiple volumes
Length: Approx. 130 pgs

  kobo  iTunes
(nook and paperback to follow)

What readers are saying about LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED, VOLUME 4:

“Peter is wonderful as ever, even as a “bad boy,” he is wonderful. Another wonderful installment in this series!”–Priscilla Kerr

“Damaged is my favorite series of H.M. Ward and Life Before Damaged just keeps getting better and better.” – Leanne Thomas

Gina and Pete…. Holy hell! This book is full of sassy and feisty scenes. Hell let’s just call it “spicy”!” – Cary Mattmiller

“What a story!! Gina and Pete’s chemistry is so hot!! They have a passion that is so amazing.” – Rose

Happy Reading!

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Sneek Peek: LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED, VOL 1 by H.M. Ward


Sneak Peak: Chapter 1 of LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED, VOL 1 by H.M. Ward


Sidney nervously twists her engagement ring on her finger and looks up at me. In that soft voice, the one she uses when she’s worried, she asks, “What’d you find?”

The pit of my stomach has been in freefall all day, ever since I opened that last box. It was hers—Gina’s. After everything we went through, I never realized Gina kept a journal, an account of everything, including vivid descriptions of the man I once was. Sidney knows about my reputation, but what was printed in the tabloids and what’s written in these diaries are two very different stories.

It’s strange being in love again. I thought I’d die alone. After I lost Gina, I had no aspirations, no hope. Then Sidney changed my life. Holding these books makes me feel my old self, still there, buried deep within. All the rage, the fights, the never-ending line of women who would do anything to fuck me—in these pages, the memories are vivid. As each remembered moment blurs by, I feel the impact, the void of who I was screaming out from deep within. But that period of my life is over, lost to the past, and I force the echoes of who I was to be quiet once more.

Truth be told, I don’t miss that life, but I worry about what will happen when Sidney discovers who I was, what I was. Sidney thinks the best of me. She sees me as the English professor, the poet. But deep within, I’m not him. This part of my past lurks within me still. It reared its ugly head when Sidney’s ex tried to hurt her. I made him pay for that. My violence was justified, but it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day—even though I changed my name—I’m still Pete Ferro.

Glancing at the journals in my hands, I make the choice. She needs to know. If Sidney is marrying me, she needs to see the good and the bad. Reading it from a tabloid isn’t enough. Swallowing hard, I cross the room clutching the books tightly.

I look around the little house Sean gave us, thinking, yet again, how perfect it is—right down to the custom made perch for Mr. Turkey.  Sean acts so stoic that I think he doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything, then he does something like this. I can’t figure him out. When I see Sean and think of his life, I wonder how similar we really are; I wonder if the only reason that I’m different is because I pretend to be.

Is that all it takes to change? Maybe I’m not different after all, maybe I just want to be. A different last name, a different life—one that isn’t etched with scars and faded dreams. When I look at Sidney I feel alive again. The ghost of who I was disappears and I’m real—every wish, every dream able to come true and it’s all because of her. Showing these journals to her could destroy us, but hearing the truth about me from someone else would be so much worse. I won’t take that chance.

Sidney is sitting on the bed, solemnly waiting for me to speak, as if she can sense the weight on my soul. I’d thought my soul was irretrievably lost until Sidney sat down at my table and flashed that beautiful smile. Thank God for her.

“Sidney?” Although I try, I can’t hide my feelings from her, I never could.

“Peter, what is it?”

I sit down facing her, making the bed dip beneath my weight, and place the books on the comforter between us. “While I was going through my old things, I found these—they’re Gina’s journals.” My voice catches and I look everywhere except at Sidney. Sucking in air, I push through. I need to say this before the hole in my chest consumes me. It’s growing, adding pressure that wasn’t there a moment ago. It scolds me, urging silence.

She won’t understand, a voice says in the back of my mind. It latches onto times that I tried to tell the truth and it bit me on the ass. Ice forms, freezing my skin from the inside out, until I shiver.

Sidney places her palm on my hand. It’s warm and steady, firm and fragile. She looks up at me with those dark eyes and I want to melt into her. I want to shove these in the trash and run, but I can’t. No matter how hard I try, I can’t change who I was—who I am.

She has to know.

I manage a half-smile as I look down at her. “While I was unpacking, I found a few old boxes that I never opened after the last move. They were relics from an old life, a past that I didn’t want to remember.” I pause, trying to muster the strength to say the rest and hand over the books. My jaw tightens as if my body knows this is the fastest way to kill our relationship, but my heart protests. It speaks, forcing the words over my lips, “When I opened it today, I found these books. They’re Gina’s journals.”

Sidney’s mouth drops, forming a little O, as a whirlwind of emotions play across her face. Her grip on my hand tightens as she leans in. “Oh, my God. Peter, I’m so sorry. That must have been hard.” She reaches forward, taking my other hand, trying to comfort me, but that’s the last thing I want right now.

Tipping her head to mine, our foreheads touch. I still, holding her hands, breathing her in, allowing myself to get intoxicated with her scent—her touch. A smile plays on her lips and one of her hands reaches around my neck. She rests her wrist on my shoulder while her fingers play with the hair at the nape of my neck. It’s a Sidney motion of kindness, something that makes me want to pull her to my chest and never let go.

Ever since she found out that I was a Ferro, and about Gina, she’s been nothing but kind. With the upcoming wedding, Sidney didn’t even ask me to drop Gina’s last name. She would take it if I asked her to, I know she would. Sidney understands loss in a way that many can’t. That’s why withholding this part of my life from her isn’t right. I don’t deserve her.

This is my chance, I know it. It could backfire horribly, and yet, it feels right. Pulling back, I shove my hands through my hair and let out a rush of air. “The thing is, these diaries are about me, about who I was before we met. The guy in the papers doesn’t hold a torch to the asshole I used to be, and Sidney, he’s still here.” Leaning in toward the books, I tap one of the covers. “This guy is still part of me.”

From the look on her face, I know she doesn’t believe me. It’s not that she thinks I’m lying, but it’s compassion and forgiveness given unknowingly. I take her hand and absently toy with the stone on her ring. “This is something that you need to know. I’m not the man I was before, but he’s still here, buried inside. Asking you to read these is strange, I know. It has the thoughts of another woman and—”

Sidney reaches out, stands, and places a finger on my lips. My heart aches so badly it feels like it may explode. “Shhh. Peter, you aren’t the guy you were before. Anyone can see that. Hell, even Sean can see that and he’s an asshole.” She drops her hand and offers a small smile. “Everyone has a past, even me. We don’t have to do this.”

“Your past is different. You didn’t willingly, knowingly do bad things. I did. If you’re going to marry me, if you want to truly be with me and understand my shadows, my faults, and help me from slipping back into the man I was, you need to read these.”

My stomach twists into knots saying this to her. There’s a million different ways she could take this new information, and I have no idea how much detail Gina went into about how I treated her, what she saw, and what I did. I couldn’t bring myself to read more than a few pages. Each one was about how messed up I was and how much she hated me. I was cruel to her, and there was no reason, no excuse. Gina painted me as the perfect storm, glorious to behold and equally deadly, destroying everything in its path without remorse or shame.

Sidney takes the first book and nods. “I’d do anything for you Peter, but no matter what’s in here, it won’t change my mind about you, about us.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Stepping back quickly, I shove my hands in my pockets and dart out of the room before she can respond.

 ~Excerpt from LIFE BEFORE DAMAGED, VOL. 1 by H.M. Ward, a new adult romance Ferro Family serial. Coming Soon! Please note that this is not the final copy. Changes may be made prior to publication.

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What’s an ARC? And How Can I Get One?

bookmedON THE TOPIC OF ARCs: - WHAT IS AN ARC? – HOW DO I GET AN ARC? – WHY ISN’T IT WORKING? ARC stands for Advance Reader (or Reviewer) Copy. Normally, ARCs are sent out to professional book reviewers and bloggers that have a big following so that these reviewers and critics can read the book and post a review, usually before the actual release. It gives the book visibility prior to release. Holly is generous enough to send ARCs to hardcore fans who aren’t professional reviewers or bloggers. IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW (on Amazon, Goodread, iTunes, Kobo, B&N, Blog, etc.). If you apply for an ARC, you get a pre-publication copy of the book but you are asked to post a review as quickly as possible. How do you get an ARC? On Holly’s Facebook page (link to the right), she will post an announcement saying that ARC applications are open and she’ll post an email addy. Send a blank email to that addy (please try to use something other than a Yahoo! or AOL). You’ll instantly get an email with instructions and a password. Fill in the required fields in the form and then… cross your fingers and WAIT! It could take a couple of days before you find out if you got an ARC. To be eligible for an ARC you have to have posted reviews of Holly’s books on (it has to be .com) Having trouble? The automated system seems to not like Yahoo! and AOL so if you can open up another email account (gmail works great), for the initial step, then you can enter your regular email addy in the form. Sending the initial email doesn’t make you eligible. After the initial email is sent, you’ll get a reply with a link and a password. Click on the link, enter the password in the little box and it’ll bring you to the form. Can’t find links to your reviews on If you are using a mobile device or tablet, you need to go on the full site version (not the mobile version). Go to the bottom of the screen and click on “Full Site”. When you find one of your reviews on the full site, there should be a “Permalink” at the bottom of your review. Keep your finger pressed on the word “Permalink” until you have to option to “copy” or “copy link” and then post it in the form.

Thank you to the Ferroaholics for making this post about how HM Ward does ARCs! You rock!

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New! Get THE PROPOSITION Series for FREE via Kindle Unlimited

propseriesKUpromoThe NEW YORK TIMES bestselling THE PROPOSITION series is now a part of Kindle Unlimited.

I’m going to tell you what it is, in case you haven’t heard of it yet. This is a new program that is offered by Amazon to allow readers to get as many books as they like for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Think of it as one of the world’s largest libraries. You can go in and grab a book, read it, return it, and get another–all without leaving your comfy couch. Middle of the night and payday’s a week away, no problem. Kindle Unlimited is perfect for people who are reading and spending more than $10 a month on books. Let’s face it, if you have one reader in your house, you’re spending more than that. Me & Mike already signed up for it.

There are some older titles that we KUpicgrabbed, plus some newer works. And you get a FREE 30 day trial, so check it out. As a reader with a family of readers, it’s a great place to grab something and with over half a million titles to choose from, there’s something for every member of your family. One membership and every kindle that’s attached to your account can use it to read books for free.

After a lot of talking with Amazon we were able to include the entire ARRANGEMENT series and just added THE PROPOSITION. That’s over $60 worth of books for $9.99. That’s less than 50 cents per book–dudes, there won’t be a better deal.

For people who don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry-you do NOT need one. Just grab the FREE kindle app and read on your tablet, smart phone, or even on your computer. You’ll finally get to see why the FERRO series has sold over 4 MILLION copies. No more waiting until payday to buy a book. Yes!


THE PROPOSITION 1-5 (the complete Bryan Ferro Series was added today!) See how it says Kindle Unlimited: FREE – that means it’s registered in the program. You also see the KU logo under it with a link for more info and to sign up.

THE ARRANGEMENT 1-16 are already enrolled and THESE TWO SERIES INTERTWINE! You’ll see a whole lotta Sean, plus learn some Ferro family secrets.

FYI: I don’t get a bounty or a reward if you sign up. Just saying, because some people like to know. We do have this in my house. Between us, we have seven Kindles, most are for reading. Up to ten books can be out at a time, from what I understand. We’ve not checked out that many books at once. It’s awesome though, because you can have out multiple books on multiple devices at a time. And with my series alone, it pays for the 1st month.

Share this news with your friends and family as it’s a limited time offer and can change without notice. The is a beta program, so it could change at any time.

Then, AFTER you read all about Sean, check out Club Ferro on Facebook. You can compare notes and talk to nearly 6,000 other Ferro fans. It’s fun! To get the latest info on releases and upcoming events text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 or click here.

I’ll let you know when more series have been added. For everyone waiting for a sale on my serials, here you go!

PS – THE PROPOSITION series is still available on all other sites, as before. This program is via Amazon, so I can’t change that part. But if you have a Nook and you want to buy the NookBook, it’s still there too. :)

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New Release: Rise of the Olympians, by Belle Ward


Are you ready for a swicked new book? Check it! Rise of the Olympians, an H.M. Ward Press title by the fabulous Belle Ward!!! Yeah, she’s my kid and has an amazing aptitude for writing kickin’ middle grade stories. She’s incredibly smart and taking college level classes, although she’s fourteen. What’s a parent to do? I added some creative writing to her English classes and am teaching her all about the publishing world. So get ready for a book that you AND your kids will love. :)
Description: There are no minor gods. Lilah Jones is officially thirteen. Unfortunately, the day comes with a few twists she didn’t expect. For example, her hair turned into a living rainbow and she was gifted with a golden necklace that randomly goes from being room temperature to as hot a supernova. On top of that, she has a dream that she remembers line by the line when she wakes up. Seeking answers, Lilah meets two boys, named Cole and Adrian, who gladly clear things up. Remember the Greek myths you assumed were fiction? The old gods that you assumed were just someone’s imagination? You were wrong. They’ve been with us the whole time, fighting battles we didn’t even know existed, and they’ve returned. The Olympians are reuniting, preparing to fight the most dangerous battle they’ve ever faced. The Father of Monsters is rising. Genre: MG/YA Paranormal Contemporary Greek Mythology Adventure Type: Novella, 1 of 3 Length: Approx. 100 pgs ea.


amazon   bn

(paperback to follow)

Pst! It’s FREE for Amazon PRIME and KINDLE UNLIMITED members. The book is only on Nook TODAY, so grab it now. Kobo peeps, I’m trying to get it up for you, but their site is glitching. If you want to read this, grab the kindle app for your phone, tablet, or computer and read it that way.

“A swicked adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting more.” -HM Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author “Never thought I would enjoy reading Greek Mythology, but this book proved me wrong!!” -Surgtech “I love Greek mythology and Belle has brought it into the present in a clever and riveting way. I got so caught up in it that I couldn’t put it down until the end.” -Amy

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Without Amazon You Would Have Never Had Your Ferros (Tru Dat)

seanferroDUDES! Go SIGN THIS!

Without Amazon, you would have never had your Ferros. Period. The series was too risky, risque, and out there for a NY publisher to touch it. Amazon offered me the freedom to decide and allow the READERS to be heard. So read this and be heard.

You’re going to hear a lot about this in the next few weeks, so here’s a drive-by.

***The crux of the matter between Hachette and Amazon – DO YOU WANT TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR BOOKS?***

How about $14.99 for an ebook? That sounds fun, right? NO. By the way, Mike has been boycotting Hachette since they priced ebooks over $12, years ago. He hasn’t bought a single book from them since then.

Hachette wants to keep book prices high, while Amazon wants them low. You’re going to be called on to boycott Amazon by famous people shortly. They’re going to say a bunch of stuff, but the bottom line is MONEY. It’s always about money and the publishers want more.

Oddly enough, these insanely high prices don’t go into the author’s pocket. In fact, had I chosen to go the trad route, I’d be lucky to have kept 10% of the money made from my books. THAT’S INSANE. I wouldn’t have been able to pay my medical bills at that rate, never mind feed my family, which is why I never signed with them or anyone else.

“New York Publishing once controlled the book industry.
-They decided which authors were allowed to publish.
-They charged high prices while withholding less expensive formats.
-They paid authors as little as possible, usually between 2% and 12.5% of the list price of a book.

Amazon, in contrast, TRUSTS YOU to decide what to read, and they strive to keep the price you pay low.”

I hope this blows up in Hachette’s greedy face. Next time you have a stroke about a $2 ebook, thank God for Amazon otherwise all the ebooks would be $14 if companies like Hachette got their way.

GO SIGN! Unless you like paying $15 for an ebook, then don’t sign. And I’m gonna get flamed by the trad community for posting this, but screw that. The READERS MATTER! Go be heard.

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16 New York Times Bestsellers in About a Year

Okay, about a year ago I was trucking along and thought – I’ll publish DAMAGED even though I’d had it sitting on my laptop (in the dead to me folder) of unfinished stories that I’d lost interest in writing. I added swing dancing and finished it – hit publish. That was the tipping point for me. I’d hit the NYT once before that (SCANDALOUS) and it was so weird.

I never expected to hit it, not in a million years. And when I first went indie, they’d said, ‘over our dead body would an indie ever grace our prestigious list.’ So they weren’t a dream of mine. Like, at all.


OMG! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!! THE ARRANGEMENT 15 made the NEW YORK TIMES bestsellers list! Eeeeeep!!! Dude, this is something that I never thought would happen-like ever- this makes my 16th NYT bestseller in a little over a year. It’s CRAZY CAKES, MAN! I feel like I should get a fluffy dress and have a party. Maybe swing dance?

Dream big. Keep on truckin’ b/c you never know which book it will be. Long live fankenferro! Bwhuhahaha. And that book had a nice guy hero. It was a total wtf. Seriously. No alpha male. No sex. And it was NA. *blinks* It musta been the swing dancing and the saddle shoes. Saddle shoes are sexy. ;)

Just had to share. Talk about weird milestones that I never thought would happen. Indies can do anything! Go us! Go us! Eat cake trad pubs! Bwuahahahaa!!!!

Mmmmmm cake.

Okay, I’m supposed to be finishing a series and I’m procrastinating. That said, go indies! Saddle shoes are sexy! Men who can swing dance are sexier! And I need some cake!

(PS – a little tip – brand the hell out of EVERYTHING!) :)


Thank you so much!!! More Ferros coming shortly.

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Ferro, Fan Fiction, and Kindle Worlds!

avery.jpgI discoveredfan fiction after I released my Demon Kissed series. There were people that loved the world so much that they wanted to contribute to it! Sometimes they’d bring their own characters to life in it, and sometimes they’d play with the characters that I created. That’s totally awesome. And, as a writer, really weird. Those are my characters!  And when other people play with them, it’s like they’ve rented a condo in some small part of my brain — and it can be crowded enough in here at times.  :o)

But, fan fiction has been around forever! The problem has always been, what do writers do with those stories after they write them? No matter how great their stories are, they can’t distribute them – after all, it isn’t entirely their story (remember, they’re borrowing space in my brain, so there are usually copyright issues.) So, some great stuff has ended up locked away on somebody’s hard drive, or tucked away in some dark corner of the internet.

Kindle Worlds is a great solution! I’m inviting the awesome Ferro fan fiction writers that are out there to share their stuff with the world. I’m cool with it! Will Ferro fans want to read it? I have no idea. Like anything creative, there’s going to be stuff that misses the mark. But, there will also be some incredible stuff that never would have seen the light of day without Kindle Worlds. And even I want to read that stuff!

I’m planning on writing for a long time to come. So, fans aren’t in trouble of running out of HM Ward books or Ferro hotness.  This move just brings out a lot of great stories that were being written anyway and lets everyone have a chance to decide if they’re worth reading.

If you caught my announcement earlier in the month, about HM Ward Press, you already know that I think some of my fans are amazing writers. Enough so that I’m writing some (stand-alone) novels with them and putting both our names on the cover. The talent is out there – and a lot of readers are always looking for great books. This is really exciting and a new step that hasn’t been taken before, and the cool part is that it allows new writers to explore parts of the Ferro story that I’ll never have time to write. For the love of all things Ferro, let’s see what we can do! Head over and check it out.

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