Without Amazon You Would Have Never Had Your Ferros (Tru Dat)

seanferroDUDES! Go SIGN THIS!

Without Amazon, you would have never had your Ferros. Period. The series was too risky, risque, and out there for a NY publisher to touch it. Amazon offered me the freedom to decide and allow the READERS to be heard. So read this and be heard.

You’re going to hear a lot about this in the next few weeks, so here’s a drive-by.

***The crux of the matter between Hachette and Amazon – DO YOU WANT TO PAY MORE MONEY FOR BOOKS?***

How about $14.99 for an ebook? That sounds fun, right? NO. By the way, Mike has been boycotting Hachette since they priced ebooks over $12, years ago. He hasn’t bought a single book from them since then.

Hachette wants to keep book prices high, while Amazon wants them low. You’re going to be called on to boycott Amazon by famous people shortly. They’re going to say a bunch of stuff, but the bottom line is MONEY. It’s always about money and the publishers want more.

Oddly enough, these insanely high prices don’t go into the author’s pocket. In fact, had I chosen to go the trad route, I’d be lucky to have kept 10% of the money made from my books. THAT’S INSANE. I wouldn’t have been able to pay my medical bills at that rate, never mind feed my family, which is why I never signed with them or anyone else.

“New York Publishing once controlled the book industry.
-They decided which authors were allowed to publish.
-They charged high prices while withholding less expensive formats.
-They paid authors as little as possible, usually between 2% and 12.5% of the list price of a book.

Amazon, in contrast, TRUSTS YOU to decide what to read, and they strive to keep the price you pay low.”

I hope this blows up in Hachette’s greedy face. Next time you have a stroke about a $2 ebook, thank God for Amazon otherwise all the ebooks would be $14 if companies like Hachette got their way.

GO SIGN! Unless you like paying $15 for an ebook, then don’t sign. And I’m gonna get flamed by the trad community for posting this, but screw that. The READERS MATTER! Go be heard.

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3 thoughts on “Without Amazon You Would Have Never Had Your Ferros (Tru Dat)

  1. Without Amazon I’d be lost. They provide books at such reasonable rates it allows people who eat books like I do to be able to afford them. My life evolves around the literary world. I’m unable to afford more than what they charge.
    Amazon rocks my world !

  2. done i love all of your book but the ferros are my favorite i so love sean mmmm goood