New! Get THE PROPOSITION Series for FREE via Kindle Unlimited

propseriesKUpromoThe NEW YORK TIMES bestselling THE PROPOSITION series is now a part of Kindle Unlimited.

I’m going to tell you what it is, in case you haven’t heard of it yet. This is a new program that is offered by Amazon to allow readers to get as many books as they like for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Think of it as one of the world’s largest libraries. You can go in and grab a book, read it, return it, and get another–all without leaving your comfy couch. Middle of the night and payday’s a week away, no problem. Kindle Unlimited is perfect for people who are reading and spending more than $10 a month on books. Let’s face it, if you have one reader in your house, you’re spending more than that. Me & Mike already signed up for it.

There are some older titles that we KUpicgrabbed, plus some newer works. And you get a FREE 30 day trial, so check it out. As a reader with a family of readers, it’s a great place to grab something and with over half a million titles to choose from, there’s something for every member of your family. One membership and every kindle that’s attached to your account can use it to read books for free.

After a lot of talking with Amazon we were able to include the entire ARRANGEMENT series and just added THE PROPOSITION. That’s over $60 worth of books for $9.99. That’s less than 50 cents per book–dudes, there won’t be a better deal.

For people who don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry-you do NOT need one. Just grab the FREE kindle app and read on your tablet, smart phone, or even on your computer. You’ll finally get to see why the FERRO series has sold over 4 MILLION copies. No more waiting until payday to buy a book. Yes!


THE PROPOSITION 1-5 (the complete Bryan Ferro Series was added today!) See how it says Kindle Unlimited: FREE – that means it’s registered in the program. You also see the KU logo under it with a link for more info and to sign up.

THE ARRANGEMENT 1-16 are already enrolled and THESE TWO SERIES INTERTWINE! You’ll see a whole lotta Sean, plus learn some Ferro family secrets.

FYI: I don’t get a bounty or a reward if you sign up. Just saying, because some people like to know. We do have this in my house. Between us, we have seven Kindles, most are for reading. Up to ten books can be out at a time, from what I understand. We’ve not checked out that many books at once. It’s awesome though, because you can have out multiple books on multiple devices at a time. And with my series alone, it pays for the 1st month.

Share this news with your friends and family as it’s a limited time offer and can change without notice. The is a beta program, so it could change at any time.

Then, AFTER you read all about Sean, check out Club Ferro on Facebook. You can compare notes and talk to nearly 6,000 other Ferro fans. It’s fun! To get the latest info on releases and upcoming events text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828 or click here.

I’ll let you know when more series have been added. For everyone waiting for a sale on my serials, here you go!

PS – THE PROPOSITION series is still available on all other sites, as before. This program is via Amazon, so I can’t change that part. But if you have a Nook and you want to buy the NookBook, it’s still there too. :)

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Blackmail. Sex. Ferro

An engagement is the farthest thing from my mind, but as Neil holds up the ring I glance around and notice someone is missing. Maggie. The man had the audacity to invite everyone else except my best friend. Where is she? When I go to find out, I don’t like what I discover.

Once, I’d thought I was different from the Ferros and the Campone, but when it comes down to it–I’m exactly the same.

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over 5 volumes approx. 125 pages each.



(B&N & paperback will appear shortly)

What Readers are Saying

“Holy Molly Donut Shop… the story line just leaves you breathless and wanting more.” -Lisa

“What I guarantee from this latest volume is; shock, shock ummm and more shock!!!” -Michelle

“This installment of The Proposition series is phenomenal!!! There really isn’t much I can’t say without giving anything away so I will just tell you to make sure that you grab your copy as so as you can!!!  -April



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THE PROPOSITION VOL. 1: THE FERRO FAMILY was released today. This is the story of Bryan Ferro (Sean, Peter, & Jon’s cousin). You might remember him from STRIPPED. Sean also balks about him now and again.


By NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

Blackmail. Sex. Ferro.

His dark hair, bright eyes, and cocky grin look just the way I remembered. The last time I saw Bryan’s Ferro’s beautiful body, he was naked and shimmering with sweat. This time he’s wearing a tux and a wicked smirk that makes my heart beat too fast. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him, the moment feels supercharged.

But, the words that fall out of his mouth aren’t what I expect and shock me to the core. They aren’t light and pleasant, like ex-lovers who decided to part ways. His tone is clipped, and if his jaw locked any tighter, it would crack. He doesn’t care about my personal life, my recent loss, or my boyfriend.

Bryan makes his intentions clear–if I don’t sleep with him, he’ll ruin me.”

Genre: New Adult Romance
This story unfolds over five volumes approx. 125 pages each.


amazon   kobobutton   bn

(iTunes & Paperback to follow)

What readers are saying:

“Great story of tragedy, blackmail, and sex!” -Jodi B.

 “Every bit as intoxicating as her others.” -F. Griffith

“Watch out Sean, your cousin is giving you a run for your money in the dark, heartless, sexy alpha male department.” -DPM

FYI: My serial novellas typically have 5 books per series unless it becomes fan controlled like THE ARRANGEMENT. SECRETS & TRYSTAN SCOTT are complete serials with 5 per series.

Timeline: THE PROPOSITION runs concurrently with STRIPPED. You do not need to read the other Ferro family books to understand this one. Each series is stand alone.

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Cover Reveal: THE PROPOSITION (Bryan Ferro)

Here’s something to make your Friday absolutely Ferrolicious! The next bad boy in the Ferro family has his own serials starting in a couple of weeks. You saw a glimpse of Bryan Ferro in STRIPPED. Arrogant, sexy, and powerful, Bryan Ferro is always at the center of trouble.

These will be serials. If you love THE ARRANGEMENT, you’ll love these. Not sure how many volumes there will be at this point. I’m letting it develop organically. I love that about Sean and Avery. There are so many books, and they’ve been through so much, that it feels like they’re real–like I know them. It’s because of the story format. Serials are great for people who like short reads and want something to read between novels.

Speaking of which, the next three major novel titles have been announced. BROKEN PROMISES (Trystan Scott), STRIPPED 2 (Jon Ferro), and SECRETS & LIES (Ferro) are novels that will take us into early 2014.

More hotness coming your way. Keep an eye out for teasers and more fun Ferro stuff. And if you haven’t done it already, sing the petition to get a Ferro movie or TV show. :)

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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