CATALYST is 2nd on the Hot New Releases List!

So, I had no idea it was there. I just clicked around last night on Amazon, looking for another book to buy (ran out of stuff to read again) and I saw my book in the sidebar. Look! That’s me! Hooray! Just thought it was cool and wanted to share.

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I’m surrounded by traditionally published, kickass books. I mean, two are House of Night! It’s so exciting!

If you haven’t read BANE yet, go grab it. It’s on sale for 99 cents right now. If you’re wondering how a vampire book could possibly be different, read the first chapter of BANE and see for yourself. The reviews on Amazon alone floored me. BANE has only been out a few months and really had no following when I launched it. It climbed up the sales charts and has been hanging neck and neck with DEMON KISSED.

BANE pulled in it’s own audience. You guys rock! Thanks for trying something new!

CATALYST is on sale for $3.99 right now. You can get it at these retailers:

If you want to be notified via email on release day, text AWESOMEBOOKS to 22828. You’ll get a reminder email with the book cover, description, and links to book. I’ve gotten a lot of thank you letters for offering this. I’m glad it works and you guys like it!

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Animated Vampire Book Cover! It bleeds! Eeeep!

Just wanted to show you an animated version of the CATALYST (VAMPIRE APOCALYPSE #2) cover. Look! It bleeds!

This is the rough work up. I’ll post the final version when I’m done. I just thought it was fun and wanted to share. Have an awesome weekend!

And if you haven’t grabbed it already, grab it already, go get BANE! It’s only 99 cents right now!

Get BANE book #1 at these fine retailers:


Psst! B&N site has been freaking out for the past few weeks. If you have trouble finding one of my titles, use the direct link on my official site. Their search has gone wonky.

Peace out, peeps!


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Cover Reveal: Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (Demon Kissed #6) Gets Sexy

The cover for ASSASSIN was driving me nuts.  I mean, it was striking, but it didn’t really talk to me.

I was thinking, we needed a cover with more WHAM! than that.  I mean, this is crazy, sexy, unpredictable Eric we’re talking about.

So, we started from scratch and tah-dah!  Here’s the cover, complete with Eric.  His eyes look awesome.  I can’t wait to see the printed edition.  This is what we were waiting for.  So those of you who ordered a print copy, it’ll be here soon.  I’ll let you know when they ship.  And it was totally worth waiting for this cover.  Now you can drool all over it and stick Eric under your pillow – or lock him in your closet.  Hee hee.

And, now you know who was carrying Ivy on the cover of #5.  Wink wink.

Fans have been asking when pics of Collin will appear?  The answer is: as soon as the Collin muses strike.  I’m ready for a frying pan to the head, but so far, no such luck.  I have an image in my head, but haven’t found the perfect match.

ASSASSIN is on sale for under $5 right now on both Nook and Kindle!  Go grab it and tell me what you think.  The Demon Kissed fans are saying it’s their fav book in the series right after Demon Kissed #1, which made my jaw drop.

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