SECRETS Vol. 3 by Ella Steele is Out Today!

SECRETS VOL. 3 by Ella Steele was released today!


“When Anna admits she’s falling for Cole she can’t believe his response. He pushes her away with an excuse that seems too flimsy to be real. Crushed, Anna continues working at Cole’s Long Island studio, but she can’t stop thinking about him. It isn’t until Anna is called into the dean’s office that the real trouble starts. To make matters worse, Edward keeps popping up at the worst times reminding her of everything she wants to forget.”

Genre: Mature YA/ New Adult

SECRETS VOL. 4 will be released Fall 2012.

Dude, what the heck is Mature YA/ New Adult? It means that it’s more mature than YA (like 12-yr-olds shouldn’t read it) but not in the general adult mass of books. The heroine in the SECRETS series is a 22 year old college student named Anna Lamore. It’s a coming of age love story for people who like the pacing of YA books, but want hotter romance than YA typically offers. So to sum up, this is a steamy read not for little kids.

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Nook & Kobo links coming soon. Paperback to follow.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to write this series! I love seeing what you guys think in your reviews. Yes, I read those! Tell me what you liked, what you wish there was more of, and what you totally gotta have in the next book. It’s the best way to get your voice heard, and I’m totally listening!  This installment of SECRETS is HOT. You’ve been warned. :)

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Cover Reveal: SECRETS by Ella Steele (A full length erotic romance novel)

Cover reveal for the latest full length Ella Steele novel, SECRETS!

SECRETS is similar to SCANDALOUS in tone and themes.

Short Description: SECRETS is a romance book with a hot, haunted artist, Cole Stevens, who owns Le Femme Studios in New York City.

Anna is an artist in the process of finishing her masters degree and needs an intership to graduate.  She has her hopes set on working with Sottero, a wedding photographer for the affluent.  But Cole Steven’s has seen her work and has other plans.

SECRETS has sizzling love scenes with swoon-worthy characters.  It’s been so great to write them.  I can’t wait to share more with you!

Just a note, in case you missed it.  Ella Steele short stories are erotica with a little bit of romance.  Ella Steele full length novels are romance stories with a little bit of erotica.  There’s a major difference.  SECRETS is a full length romantica novel – an erotic romance novel.

Release date: August 1, 2012.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

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Enter to Win a Free *SIGNED* Copy of Scandalous

romance novel, erotic romance book, 50 shades of grey

In honor of the release of my first romance novel SCANDALOUS (May 1st, 2012) I’m giving away a signed copy!  The winner will get the 5″x8″ beautiful paperback and it’s signed by the author!  Winner will be selected at random on June 1st, 2012.

To enter, just make a comment and make sure I can contact you via email.  (blog comments have to be approved b4 they appear – don’t freak out if it takes a little bit for your post to show up).  You can gain additional entries by tweeting the link to this giveaway @hmward and/or reposting to your facebook page and tagging me at (to enter the tag type @hmward – it needs to show as a hyperlink to my page so I can see it).  So that’s 3 ways to enter!  Good luck!

And remember, SCANDALOUS will be discounted on May 1st!  You can get this steamy read for less than $5 on Kindle and Nook on May 1st only!  I’ll post links as soon as they are available.

Thank you to all my awesome fans who wanted something a little hotter than my YA books.  And I know I’ve said it already, but SCANDALOUS is not a kid book.  It’s a hot, sexy adult romance with sexual content inappropriate for younger readers.  That’s why my adult books are under a pen name.  Anything by Ella Steele is a mature book with adult content.

And yes, the woman on the cover has no bodice on–that’s paint!

Description: “Millionaire Jack Gray earned his fortune creating erotic art for discerning clientele. He doesn’t use a brush to depict these hauntingly beautiful portraits—he uses bare skin. A sterling reputation is the only thing standing between Jack and poverty as he skirts the thin line between fine art and cheap sensationalism. To ensure that his character remains beyond reproach, an assistant observes his sessions.

While interviewing for a new assistant, Jack hears her voice—Abby Tyndale—the girl who got away. The last time Jack saw her was over a decade ago. After years of romantic tension she had nearly kissed him, but then disappeared without a trace. He hasn’t seen her since. Until now. When he learns that his lost love joined the clergy after she fled to West Texas, his heart sinks. She’s forbidden, forever set apart by her vows.

Jack’s life quickly spins out of control as Abby grows closer to him, and worsens when his client list is stolen. The financial blow alone is damning, but it’s the scandal brewing beneath the surface that he fears the most. Jack and Abby’s livelihoods rely on their reputations. A single scandal will destroy them both. While fearing a contrived scandal, they have courted a very real one as their romance reignites.

This erotic romance is an addictive tease that will leave you breathless and begging for more.”

Want to buy a signed copy of SCANDALOUS now?  Follow this link to the ordering page.  Grab this book on Kindle, paperback, or Nook today!

Details: On June 1, 2012, check your email to see if you won.  You need to claim your book within 24 hours.  Email for full details.  Must be at least 18 years old.  Open to residents of the 50 US States.  Sorry, no international at this time.  Void where prohibited.  No cash value. 
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