Capturing the Golden Goose: More Information for Indie Authors

WRITERS! Thinking about going Indie? There’s a huge-ass FREE online workshop THIS week!!! Register for IndieReCon here and then register for my webinar, “How to Sell a Bazillion Books,” here.

Looking for more information? Let these posts guide you on your self-publishing crusade:

Evolution of a Book Cover
Cover Suckage, Bad Branding, & Other Indie Marketing Oopsies I’ve Made on My Way to Selling 1.5 (now 5+) Million Books (A Post for Self-Published Authors)
The Roses are Dead (Too Much Manure in Publishing)
Author Tips: Book Bombs, Release Days, & Other Good Free Marketing Tips
Shattering the Myth: You CAN use facebook to promote your book! (marketing basics for writers and authors)
How I Did Facebook Wrong and Got 48,000 fans – A Writers Guide to Social Media Updated
Bounce Theory & The Magic Beans of Marketing
Tips for Young Writers
Tips for Young Writers Part II: Plot, Dialogue, Descriptions
The Taleist Self-Publishing Survey & Typical (and not so typical) Indie Novel Sales
Writer Beware: Stupidity is the Latest and Greatest Selling Tool of All

Happy Writing!

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2 thoughts on “Capturing the Golden Goose: More Information for Indie Authors

  1. Hi there … I’ve been catching up on my IndiereCon backlog of posts, and I just finished yours … I gotta tell ya, that was just about the best hour and a half I’ve spent in a long while.
    Thank you. :)