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brokenpromisesA lot of people ask me which book is coming out next, and what date will it be available. That’s a great question and with the normal author who puts out one book a year, there is usually a concrete date. Since I put out nearly 25 books a year, release dates are a little more fluid.

Say what, now? What do you mean?

I mean that I do LIVE LAUNCHES. I call them that and have for the past few years. A live launch is where there is no pre-order or release date. Instead, the book comes out as soon as it’s ready with NO waiting.

THE BOOK IS ALWAYS READY BEFORE YOU’D GET IT, IF A DATE & *PRE-ORDER WAS SET. Pre-order/ concrete dates actually delays your book’s release by about 2-3 weeks. No one wants to wait longer.

This is the list of books that are in the pipeline for publication. Completion dates will vary, but this way you have an idea of what I’m working on, and what’s coming next.

I’m always working on multiple projects at a time. It’s how I write. When I’m not feeling one character or story, I’ll flip to a different book. That allows me to keep the release pace quick, and it gets you guys more books, faster.

shadowstwitterbannerBooks that are listed on the COMING SOON page of the website are in the creation phase and do not have a release date. When a date is assigned, the book will be removed from this list and added to the BOOKS page.

This year the goal is to release TWO titles per MONTH! Wahoo! In the past four months, there have been EIGHT releases, so I’m pretty much on course.

I expect the next release to be SHADOWS OF THE PAST – a NOVEL (360 pgs), no cliffhanger in early March. I hesitate to even say that as there are a variety of factors that affect the release, but it’s getting close.


Good question. There are three ways to make sure you don’t miss a release.

  1. For the fastest news on releases, links, and questions my FACEBOOK AUTHOR PAGE IS THE PLACE TO BE. I’m actually ON THAT PAGE more than anywhere else online. To make sure you are getting this page in your feed, click to check your settings and mark it as a favorite.
  2. Still worried you’ll miss a release? Text AWESOMEBOOKS (1 word) to 22828 (US Only). This will get you and email on release days. You can click here to be added too.
  3. The third place to stay connected is the blog – it’s updated with every release and includes links. You can have the blog posts emailed to you to by scrolling down until you see GET BLOG POSTS EMAILED! in the right hand column. Add your email address and that’s it!

Thank you so much! More books coming soon!

*Pre-order is available on iBooks on certain titles to expedite delivery. This is an exception to the rule. Dates on these preorders are set far into the future with the WRONG date. iBooks are released at the same time as the rest of the sites (Amazon, Kobo, Nook, etc).

Pre-order at iBooks is experimental for HM Ward Press and can end at any time. 

In case you were wondering what’s up, there ya go. :)

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H.M. Ward – Rapid Releases, Writer’s Block, & What’s Next

I thought I’d take a second to let you guys know how I go about writing my books.

The key thing is: There are always several books in the pipeline at once. I’ll work on something for a while and put it aside when it’s not ‘speaking to me’ anymore. Why do I do this? So I can wait until inspiration strikes and then pick it up again.

Writing this way keeps things rolling along, avoids writer’s block, and periodically there will be a succession of rapid releases where three to four titles get published in a few weeks. You guys probably noticed that. It happened recently when Trystan Scott, Stripped, and The Arrangement all came out back to back. In the span of 4 weeks, there were 3 new titles. It took longer than that to write them, and the only reason I was able to release books that quickly was because I was working on more than one title at a time.

I’d just like to take a second and point out how insane it is to release books that fast. Traditionally, books that are released quickly come out every 6 months, with a typical release date of a year being more the norm. Hardly anyone releases books on a weekly schedule, but I do. On average, a new H.M. Ward title comes out every 2.5 weeks. If I wrote one title at a time, there’s no way that would happen, and you’d actually get books slower because wrestling with a book that doesn’t want to be written is like pulling teeth from a camel’s butt. It’s seriously messed up.

Once in a while, a few very excited fans will tell me to just write one thing at a time thinking that’s what works best, but the truth is that different things work better for different writers. This is what works for me, so the next time you see my upcoming releases, you can know those titles are coming pretty quick.

  • What are you working on now? SECRETS & LIES, THE PROPOSITION, DIVERGENT, THE ARRANGEMENT, plus some other stuff that has no title yet.
  • What did you just finish? A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE (This year’s Holiday Novella)
  • What are you working on next? THE ARRANGEMENT 11
  • What’s the weirdest sentence you’ve written this week? Uh, that thing about the camel’s butt takes the cake.
  • Where can fans offer their ideas for your books? The facebook page. Right now I’m taking names for the heroine in A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE. ;)
  • Which book comes out next? Either ARRANGEMENT 11 or THE PROPOSITION. I haven’t decided yet. Then at the end of the month A LITTLE CHRISTMAS ROMANCE will be released. ;)

Okay peeps! That’s all for now! Feel free to stop by the facebook page and say hi. :)

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