ARKS2UPDATE: EEEP! It’s less than 24 in and we already have over 125 backers!

The time is finally here! After nearly a year of research, conversations, and consultations it’s finally time to kick this baby into motion. Hooray!

If you already know all about it and want to jump on the one-of-a-kind prizes head over here.

There was a question posed to the Ferro fans which was:

Should I sell the rights and let someone else produce THE ARRANGEMENT?

The response was a resounding NO. Fans were terrified that Sean would be ruined; and that there was no way to capture Avery’s personality and keep with the dark themes of the story. This isn’t light stuff. These are people fighting for survival – good people that do bad things, bad people who aren’t what they seem. There’s so much to this story and the fanbase is so ravenous that I kept the story–it was not sold and we decided to produce it ourselves and YOU CAN HELP.

Every film project needs backers. Those are the people who fund the project. That’s the stage that we are currently at–we need backers to fund this project. You guys know that this isn’t cheap. Yeah, I could make the pilot on my own, but who wants one show – one episode? Plus it takes my 6 figures for the one episode and burns through it with nothing left. What happens when people want more?

That’s where you guys come in. If I take my pile of cash and you guys chip in, we can raise the 2.1 million needed to make the first season of THE ARRANGEMENT.  The Ferro books have sold over 5 millions copies to hundreds of thousands of fans, so this is doable.

The funds will allow us to make the series. Best of all, the episodes will be available via DVD or instant download. If we bust the bank and raise way more than expected, you’ll hear me squeal from your house! And I know we can, so head over to the project page and make it one of the biggest kickstarters of 2014.

As soon as THE ARRANGEMENT PROJECT is funded, we can coordinate schedules with directors and cast, and we’re that much closer to getting a real live Sean Ferro on your screen and into your living room. ;)

What the frog is kickstarter? It’s crowdsource funding: It’s where everyone gives a little bit to make stellar things happen. In return you get to be a part of something awesome and you can choose different prizes that suit your budget, from $1-$10,000 as a reward for chipping in. Here are some of the awesome things done in 2013 with kickstarter. It’s amazing what people can do when they band together!

What happens if we don’t get enough backers to hit the 2.1 million dollar goal? Nothing. You don’t get any prizes you hoped for and there won’t be a TV series, movie, or anything. It’s just over.

The first 24 hours count BIG TIME. So share the project with your friends and family. If you’re an Indie author, so am I! 100% all the way. Help me out. Spread the word and let’s make this the most swicked cool kickstarter ever!

Got questions or ideas – TALK TO ME BABY! I’m all ears. :)



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