rafflecoptersexyIt’s giveaway time! Why, because you guys are freaking awesome!

So what’s the prize?

How about a $300 Amazon gift card? You can buy all sorts of sexy things. ;) Books, lingere, a dress, handcuffs–you know, fun stuff!

Ready? Go enter! Do it now! Because someone is going to win, so why not you? Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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184 thoughts on “H.M. WARDs SUPER SEXY $300 GIVEAWAY

  1. I think that my 1-Click finger would have an Orgasm just thinking about all of the books it can buy!!

  2. I don’t remember the day that I fell in love with your writing. But I do know that ever since I read Scandalous I have been hooked , I am always the first to purchase your books as soon as they come out. I would say I am your biggest fan but you have so many fans. I would love to win this I’m going to make a twitter just so I can get more entries ! Thank you for this opportunity to win

  3. Thank u holly for all the amazing hours of reading u have given me I would he lost without ur books! I take my hat of to u for bringing out all these books while ur health has had such a major impact in ur life lately! Xx

  4. I want to win because I just can’t get enough of those Ferro boys. Ok, and the girls are pretty cool too ;) And I need the money to buy the Proposition and Scandalous…hehehehe

  5. My family needs come above my wants which makes buying books a little harder. I have so many books that I have on my list that I want to buy and winning $300 would definitely get me the books I want.

  6. Thanks for always giving us awesome books to read! And thanks for the giveaway! You rock!!!

  7. I want ro win because he’ll who wanted want to win!!! I am a book whore and I LOVE the Ferros. Hell I think I am the first fan who made a Mr Turkey teaser (keyword I think). Thanks ♥

  8. I want to win because I’m your biggest fan. I could buy all your books and swag or more of it I should say!!! :)

  9. Then I can buy all the books about the Ferro’s!!! I love them, but times are tough, I get them as I can and this gift card would be awesome!!!!

  10. Ohhh I want to win …to be able to get soooo many more sexy books ….
    And to increase the size of my play bag hehe

  11. Let’s be honest, everyone loves winning stuff, myself included! I promise to put the gift card to good use by purchasing paperback copies of your books (since I need to push my obsession just a bit farther!)…


  12. I would like to win because i think that h.m ward is an amazing and creative writer and I enjoy her books and it is like christmas and get excited to continue reading more of them..

  13. I love your work and your an amazing woman!! Inspirational! I can’t wait for your next books to come out!!

  14. I’m a new reader to your books…. I love them…. I have been buying all of them you have out… I love them all !!!!!! Love the Ferro family,,,, thank you for being an awesome writer… You have me hooked ….

  15. WOW now that is a giveaway! You are awesome H.M. Ward. I loooove the Ferro’s! Keep up the great, hot writing!

  16. As long as you keep writing, I will keep reading them! I love all of the different series with the Ferro brothers and Trystan! I would be do happy for all of them to continue and to add a few more series like one with Mel!
    You have become my favorite author! Keep doing what you are doing!

  17. I love all of your books HM Ward! I love your writing style and how much different it is from everything out there. You have made me fall in love with all of your characters and I look forward to all of your writing still to come! Thank you for sharing your work with the world and working non-stop to continue to make your fans happy!

  18. This is awesome! I would love to buy all kinds of Ferro-esque fun stuff to share with my SO!! Plus i have to keep some money aside for the Ferro books!

  19. I have been loving all these sexy novels. My cousin got me hooked!!!!! Sean ferro is my man crush everyday!!!!!

  20. Keeping my fingers cross. So excited!!! I never win anything. This could be my good luck!!!

  21. I love everything you write.I have all of your books on my kindle and I’m waiting for all of your next ones! A huge fan!! Your a very talented writer!!

  22. Your Arrangement series should be a TV series, so addictive, love it, Thank you really enjoy your writing, take care

  23. I want to win so I can pamper myself a little bit. I don’t usually get to pamper myself…money always needs to go for the bills. I wanna spend guilt-free. :)

  24. My favorite author I have read all her books you just can’t put them down they are great

  25. Pick me, pick me!!!! Oh pretty please!! lol..You rock Holly and you know I love me some Ferro bros and their friends ( did someone say Tristan ? ) Love the cousins just as much..Just sit back on the couch with a nice glass of red in one hand and a Ferro book in the other. Ahhhhh, that’s true pleasure.

  26. I would love to win so I can buy all the new books as they come out!! I love me some Sean!!!!!!

  27. I love this series .. H.M Ward is amazing..and I would so love to see this on film..

  28. It has been 4 long months. I became and instant cray cray fan over night. I have completely stopped reading any other books. I refuse to even touch another book. Absolutely hands down LOVE H.M.Ward book

  29. I purchasederd a kindle fire in Oct. Because I am a very big book reader I started with the arrangement like Oct 3rd and I was addicted!!! by the 5th I had already read up to 6 or 7 now I stand on pins and needles waiting on the next one I have read all of your books except the paranormal series and I am starting on that now .I guess I just want to say thank you .. I think you are doing a very awesome job and can’t wait for more…….

  30. I fell in love with Sean the min I started reading. I read all 13 books in 2 days. Love love love!!!

  31. Because I’m so grateful for you bringing reading back into my life!! I’m truly addicted to ALL OF YOUR BOOKS!!!

  32. Love your books so much that I’m part of a little posse totally devoted to all things Ferro <3
    Also, would love to put that card in great use and build up a paperback Ferro library ;-)


  33. I love The Ferro Family and can hardly wait to receive book number 14 and will be ready for the next book I wish that you could write two books at time.

  34. I’m a complete Ferroholic!! Read The Arrangement 1-12 in 2 nights!!! Holly made my insomnia be a welcome feeling!!

  35. I would love to win so that I could give the gift card to my husband as a peace offering for reading ALL THE TIME. He’s feeling left out.

  36. I need more money for all of your books! ;) my credit card bill is getting high!! I love reading an love your books. Ferro brothers rule!!!

  37. I would love to win because this would give me the money to buy all of those books I would love to have. I would love to have all of H M Wards book. There is so many books. My husband is on a fixed income and I can only buy a certain amount of books each month. This would make me so happy that way I dont have to pick and choose which books I get each month.

  38. First of all I need a new kindle cause mine is dead. Second I can’t wait to buy hundreds of books and third we are talking about amaz where all my dreams come true…
    Anyway I love you H.M.Ward <3 and Ferro family

  39. Because I deserve to? Kidding. I just want to win coz an Amazon GC that’s worth $300 is awesome and I will get to buy A WHOLE LOT things with that GC. :)

  40. I would love to win this because I am on a limited income due to being disabled so this would give me LOTS to spend on books. Reading has really become a big part of my life since I am not able to do all the things that I used to do (although I have always loved reading, lol)

  41. Love reading your books and the books you suggested. Keep up your very good work.

  42. I would love to win because I love your work. The books/series you have published have made me a devoted smut reader and given me the drive to try and write my own book. I’m still trying to figure out the details in getting started but I will, and I can’t wait to see what develops; and this is all because of YOU!!!!

  43. One of my top 3 Authors…Amazing stories that keep you enthralled, keep you interested, keep you full of emotion. I read All of H.M.Ward books, she keeps me coming back because every book she writes is I fall in love, I become obsessed and need More. I feel all the emotions the characters do, I yell and get angry as well as cry and become sad. It is not always you find an Author that can write 14 Novelettes and each one has you with a burning desire of need for the next one….THANK YOU for allowing us to live in the exciting world of the Ferro Family and all their adventures.

    • I wish I had twitter just to share about her more…I may just find out about twitter to so that I can rage more lol

  44. I love these books!! I’m so excited about this contest but win or lose I still love H.M. Ward!

  45. I want to win coz I love to read so it will help me buy many many more books.

  46. are you kidding me…its a love hate relationship. love when I get a book and hate that it when it ends. Want the series to end but carve more… I think that’s the definition for an addict? I want to knock Sean around and take care of Avery.

  47. This is fantastic. I’d love it win this as the voucher would help towards my book obsession. I love your books I’m constantly looking at your Amazon page to see if a new book has been released and purchase straight away if one has then I have to read it straight away as well lol. Keep up the great writing. I can’t wait for my next FERRO fix =0)

  48. I would love to win because I love all your books and relate to the characters. Your a great writer, I hope for many more ferro family books. Thanks

  49. I want to win because I love Sean Ferro! I also love books and it would make me happy to buy as many as I want!! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  50. I want to win so I can buy more books! I also need new clothes for a new job….need to make some money to fix my car…I’m a few steps away from being a “spray-start girl” LOL No seriously! My car sucks!

  51. i want to win because it is the best series of books that i have read in a long time and the Ferro brothers are awesome

  52. What an amazing giveaway! I want to win so I can buy more, more and more books!

  53. I’d love to win because you are a new author for me and this card would catch me up on all your books!!

  54. It means that I get to read more of my favorite series (Arrangement, Proposition), buy Broken Promises, and Stripped 2 when they come out!

  55. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books. I will stop reading in the middle of another book when I see you have released a new book. I just can’t get enough!

  56. I would LOVE to win this amazon giveaway!! I love all your books, and I am an avid reader which can add pretty fast. Just think of all the books I could get off my wishlist with $300 to use!!! Thanks for all the fun giveaways!!!!

  57. Because I’m on the hunt for a new author to stuff my book shelves with! Good luck everyone!

  58. I love the Ferro brothers too! And I think this is the most generous giveaway I have ever seen. :)

  59. Love your books! You are an amazing writer and I have bought basically all of your books!!!!

  60. You’d just be feeding my one-click habit for more reads if I win. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the chance!

  61. I would love to win so I can buy a new Kindle. Noticed the battery life is getting less and less. Awesome giveaway.

  62. Love love your writing. …keep up the good work. I would love to when this but either way I’m still buying book….happy reading. .

  63. The 1st book of your I read was ‘Secrets’ and that 1st book, had me hooked and completed the entire series. I thoughroughly enjoyed the series, I looked to see what other books you had written and the 2nd series of yours I purchased was ‘The Arrangement, Vol 1′. This started the 2nd week in January and caused a chain-reading-reaction! Needless to say, since January 2014 I’ve literally purchased and read all these series: Secrets Vol 1-5, The Arrangement Vol 1-14, The Proposition Vol 1-2, Damaged Vol 1-2, The Secret Life of Trystan Scott Vol 1-5, Scandalous Vol 1-2. 31 books in a few months! That’s how quick you’ve captured me as a fan-crazed Ferro Family addict!

  64. Because I will always be a Sean Ferro girl! I’ll also always send you edits and suggestions when I get an arc and my reviews will always be honest! And I think you’re the best and most down to earth author I’ve ever followed! You Rock!

  65. Because Ms. Ward is the first author I followed on Facebook and now Twitter. And I will always put down any other book I have started to read the new additions to Arrangements. Slightly addicted. :)

  66. I would love to win this gift card. I am the lucky mom of three wonderful boys. Everything I do is for them or about them…what they want, their sports, what they want to eat, or what they want to watch. I also have a very demanding job. I am a NICU nurse and spend my days saving tiny babies. Reading is the only thing that I do for me. My favorite books are yours Holly! I would be thrilled to be able to have that gift card to buy your books!!!

  67. Love all Ferros!!! Would be nice having some assistance in paying for my addiction to them! LOL

  68. I love the arrangement series, i dont want to ever see it end! I want to win this so i can read these all over and over again!

  69. I always want to win or I wouldn’t bother to enter… but I haven’t read these and I keep hearing about them

  70. I read as much as I can in a day. I had recently been on a couple of leave of absences in the last few of years. Reading helped me escape into the stories and focus there, where ever there was in the story. That’s when my kindle/amazon craze started and still continues! Thanks for the great stories to help me through those rough times.

  71. Would love to win! But you would have to write more books because I own them all now! Love your stories!

  72. Holy Gift card Batman! Do you know what I could get with $300 of Amazon gift card money!? Like….. A LOT……. there’s books, and movies, and books, and removable wallpaper for renters, and books, and music, and shoes, AND BOOKS!

  73. I am such a huge fan of your work and reading in general. Winning this would be amazing for someone like me who has never won anything.

  74. I need the gift card so that I can finance my H M Ward habit!! I am an avid reader and love books, however, Holly and her books have changed my life and I can not make money as fast as she puts books out! I would love to read them when they first come out!

  75. I want to win because just think of how many more of your books I could buy. Thanks for this chance

  76. I am a huge fan of your work. I love all of your series and the way that you manage to put the characters from one series to smother. Superb! : )

  77. Of course I want to win. Who doesn’t? I love all your books. Gotta love those Ferro men.

  78. Maybe if I win then my husband won’t have a fit about how much I spend on h.m. ward’s books on Amazon!!!! Lil

  79. I would to win so can I buy a bunch of books. So many books that I would feel like the Queen of books! :)

  80. To say that I am obsessed is an understatement. I just started reading your books about 2 weeks ago. I CAN”T stop. I find myself reading them while my kids are getting ready, at the doctor’s office, during church ;0), and anywhere else I am. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Sean and Avery and then Bryan and Hallie. I have to check everyday to see if they have came out yet!!! Love your books and writing style! So glad that I found your books!

  81. I would love to win this! I need this actually! lol.. There is so many books that I want and just cant get!! Great actually AMAZING GIVEAWAY!! I am a HUGE fan of the ARRANGEMENT SERIES!! ♥